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An app store that launched in the 2010s, Learning Lodge has both free and pay apps that only work on a select number of devices. Parents needed to download the store app to their computer, and make an account, after that, they can install to their kids device.


Name MAME support ROMs Description
InnoTab None No
InnoTab 2 Preliminary No
InnoTab 2 Baby None No
InnoTab 2S None No
InnoTab 3 None No
InnoTab 3S None No
Kidizoom Action Cam None No
Kidizoom Camera Connect None No
Kidizoom Smartwatch None No
Kidizoom Smartwatch DX None No
Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 None No
Kidizoom Smartwatch DX3 None No
Lil' SmartTop None No
MobiGo Preliminary No
MobiGo 2 Preliminary No
Tote & Go Laptop Web None No
V.Reader Preliminary No