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Developer(s) petmac (Peter Mackey), Rinnegatamante, Vita3K Team
Latest version 0.2.0 [+]
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows
Emulates PlayStation Vita
PlayStation TV
Support ($) Ko-fi
License GNU GPLv2
Source code GitHub
BIOS/Keys Required

Vita3K is an open-source PlayStation Vita emulator for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android. It can run many games from the PS Vita library with minor issues, with a massive compatibility boost from June 2022.


Windows Linux macOS Automatic CI builds
Android GitHub


Vita3K's initial codebase was pushed to GitHub by petmac on January 28, 2018. Between January and April, Vita3K was only able to run a few homebrew games and applications, but not commercial games. On May 4, 2018, Gal*Gun: Double Peace (Vita port) was the first commercial game to show graphics on this emulator. Current progress and changes can be tracked in both their Discord room and GitHub repository.[1]
In August 2022, the Vulkan API was implemented. In February 2023, the Android version was released.

Basic troubleshooting[edit]

  • Stuttery audio? Try the Cubeb audio backend.
  • Some games not booting in Vulkan? Try using the OpenGL backend.



  1. 3 years Progress Report. Vita3K's official website (31 July 2021)

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