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Developer(s) Isluk
Latest version 0.2.6 [+]
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows
Raspberry Pi
Emulates SG-1000
Neo Geo Pocket
Neo Geo Pocket Color
and more
Website Official website
Programmed in Basic C

vdmgr is a multi-system emulator/debugger for Windows and Raspberry Pi (RASPBIAN). Especially the Neo Geo Pocket and ColecoVision are among the best choices to be emulated in this software.


Windows Linux ARM RTOS Latest releases

Supported systems[edit]

Platform Bios file(s)
ColecoVision Colecovision.rom
GMC-4 None
NES / Famicom (HVC-001) disksystem.rom (for FDS)
MSX cbios_main_msx1_jp.rom or msx.rom
Neo Geo Pocket (Color) ngpbios.rom and ngcbios.rom
SC-3000 + SF-7000 sf7000.sc or sf7000.rom
SG-1000 + Sega Master System (Mark-III) None
TD4 None
Z80 TV Game ALL8255.bin


As far as some people know, this emulator does NOT have command-line support, so you can't use a Frontend with this emulator.

To select a system, go to Settings -> Advanced settings and there besides of selecting a system, you can also change the controls. To enter the Debugger in the Advanced settings window, check Debugger. It's super easy.