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== IP blocked [Inserting False information] ==
Hello. I forgot to make an account and build up the required verification before editing the yuzu page, and have since been IP banned for inserting false information (which is false, as yuzu has implemented LAN in the august of 2021.) I have been unable to create an account to ask or actually ask using the original IP due to the ban blocking my entire IP from even making a new account (apologies for having to use a VPN for this.) Please review the information submitted and let me know if the ban is still valid..
https://github.com/yuzu-emu/yuzu/pull/6863 - pull in which LAN is implemented.
https://yuzu-emu.org/entry/yuzu-progress-report-aug-2021/ - progress report in which LAN is added
    Start of block: 06:34, 11 August 2021
    Expiration of block: infinite
    Intended blockee:
ban details.
Thank you for your time - Loki
:You should be able to create an account now -[[User:Jpx|Jpx]] ([[User talk:Jpx|talk]]) 09:12, 10 November 2021 (UTC)
== Request ==
Hi, I am looking to grant access for moving pages on the wiki. There are some pages I like to rename such as [[Ouya Emulators]] to make the 'e' lowercase. Thank you - [[User:WebMint|WebMint]] ([[User talk:WebMint|talk]]) 14:58, 29 October 2021 (UTC)
:I don't have access to that, but I've moved it for you. -[[User:Jpx|Jpx]] ([[User talk:Jpx|talk]]) 09:09, 10 November 2021 (UTC)
== Help! ==
I accidentally made 2 accounts on the wiki in January/February 2022 because I thought the accounts didn't exist anymore. Their names are ExtremeBetas and Beak. I want their usernames removed!
:Deleting usernames is not possible. We can hide usernames if that helps. - [[User:WebMint|WebMint]] ([[User talk:WebMint|talk]]) 01:45, 18 March 2022 (UTC)

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