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Interested in hardware and software preservation and I like to edit pages. Criticise me on my talk page if you wish. Having a variety of opinions is important, feel free to expose what I've done wrong.

4chan still thinks I'm trans. Explain this? The ones that were in the Discord server came from the wiki. I didn't know them personally. I don't give a shit about politics.

To do:[edit]

  • Limit the recommended emulators for some systems.
  • Add a PS5 section on Official emulators.
  • Make the phone emulator pages more compact (Separating each section and improving the layout).
  • Add the FLOSS column in Game engine recreations and source ports.
  • Shorten the list of emulators for each system page.

You can also do them yourself

My failures:[edit]

  • Creating a Discord server calling it 'EmuGen' and including it on the wikis main page. It gave a huge misrepresentation of the 4chan thread with the users that joined. Later been deleted.
  • Making an edit on the Game Boy/Game Boy Color emulators page where I ruined the order of the recommended emulators just because they had higher accuracy. Later been reverted.