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  • Add
  • Better arcade pages
  • Separate VR and 3D emulators
  • Create Android x86 page, look into KVM, PhoenixOS, virglrenderer, virtio
  • Make a empty page editors can copy for creating new emulator pages
  • Remake MAME/MESS pages
  • RetroPie page
  • Update Recommended N64 plugins with a recommended table
  • Emulation OS page
  • ROM managers
  • Game engine page and category - OpenBOR, Mugen
  • Add more game engines: AGS, Ren'Py, etc
  • Boxedwine
  • Waydroid
  • ROMs you can buy - page for games you can buy that contain ROMs on Steam, GOG, itch and other stores
  • Zune !!! =))) there is lot of games for this platform , and i submitted you deleted in no reason