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About me & Links

Stay away from these as much as possible;
  • sick ideologies, movements, policies and agendas
  • state monopoly capitalism, extreme socialist movements and islamofascism/islamist extremism/Qutbism/Khomeinism etc.
  • always advocate for anti-corruption, anti-monopoly, and anti-cartel policies and practices. However, unfettered state and bureaucratic power lead to corruption, excessive taxation, sluggish bureaucracy, and market monopolies. While cheap money and investors can offer benefits, acknowledge the potential downsides. Consider supporting small businesses.
  • don't blindly accept ideas simply because they're mainstream and popular in your society. For example, Indophobia due to the Canadian government's recent migration policies, Homophobia due to LGBTQ+ and DEI, Americanophobia sentiment especially after the rhetoric of the late '60s or Sinophobia just because CCP. Yes, critical thinking is essential but when evaluating ideas always consider potential biases. Develop your own well-informed judgment, reading history from more than one source can be a valuable tool in this process. Although, this isn't about promoting reckless rebellion or being a silly anarchist kid, but there's value in questioning popular ideas, being aware of herd mentality, thinking critically and re-evaluating the shepherd's path. Sometimes, the loudest barks from the sheepdog don't mean it has the herd's best interests at heart. Remember, a good shepherd listens not just to the dog, but also to the needs of the flock.
  • racism including whitephobia, but feel free to challenge sick ideas and practices within any culture.
  • promoting and defending pro-immigration policies can cause issues, for example: overcrowding/congestion, pressure on public services, and most importantly cultural clashes. Therefore, immigration policies should be carefully considered through criterias like cultural compatibility and limitations on the number of immigrants allowed into the country.
  • historical negationism and rewriting history to promote a woke agenda
  • mainstream media
  • most of the content providers, social media, advertisements, streaming services, encyclopedias and mega-events like Eurovision, EuroFestival etc.
  • hyperconsumerism and extreme materialism
Money is powerful, but don't let it control your life. True fulfillment comes from more than just financial gain. Don't shy away from your emotions, but don't let them control you. It's always about finding balance. Remember, you're not a "pre-programmed robot" – emotions are a natural part of you.
  • hypersexualization. There's a difference between appreciating beauty and hypersexualization. Avoid the latter, but always acknowledge and admire the beautiness.
  • harmful drugs, tobacco and alcoholism
  • political correctness products including AI chatbots, popular recent/revived franchises and recent mainstream movies, books, magazines, music, games
  • narcissism, gluttony and selfishness
  • crowded, noisy, and polluted cities
If possible, try these activities instead;
  • gardening
  • daily exercise and don’t go easy, work hard enough that it takes effort and maintain as long as you can.
  • livestock or getting a pet
  • spending time with loved ones
  • enjoying western art, history including art history and architecture
  • pure and high-quality and/or retro multimedia such as movies, music and games or anything else that brings you joy
  • eat healthy and stay properly hydrated, acceptable personal hygiene, sleep well, medically supervised water fasting
  • be civilized, do unto others as you would have them do unto you and be open to all kinds of humor/dark humor even if some of it pushes you.
But who am I? If you care to know;
 I am of mixed Lazi and Chveneburi heritage. On my Chveneburi side, I descend from the Curuksuli and Gagaloglu families. According to family history, our ancestors lived in Batumi since the early 19th century. However, our family name originates from Kobuleti, a place known as a center for the Ottoman slave trade in the Caucasus during the 17th century, according to Don Cristoforo De Castelli[1]. However, during the 1877-78 Russo-Turkish War and subsequent migrations[2], including the Ottoman forced migration policies of 1878[3][4], they moved from Batumi to Fatsa and helped build the village of Duayeri.
 As an ex-Muslim, I've been agnostic for about 10 years now. I like Christianity in general and I appreciate some of the Hinduism, Buddhism and Sufism values. I've also been a vegetarian for the past 4 years. In my early teens, I faced the challenge of weight gain due to side effects from OCD medication and unhealthy eating habits. Thankfully, at 17, I committed to a healthy diet and exercise routine, leading to a significant weight loss of around 50kg. Unfortunately, in my early 20s, stress from university and the challenges of young adulthood caused my weight to fluctuate again. However, drawing on past experiences, I recommitted to healthy habits – exercise and a balanced diet. This dedication led to a significant weight loss (again) of around 50kg, and I've maintained a healthy lifestyle ever since. I am in my late 20s now...
 A computer enthusiast since childhood, I've dabbled in computer hardware, web design, 3d modeling, rendering and programming. While I have a fondness for '90s and '00s PC games, particularly simulation and strategy titles, I also enjoyed famiclones, fifth, sixth, and seventh generation home consoles in the '00s. My love for retro gaming extends to emulation and hypervisors for their convenience, but I also appreciate the experience of using classic hardware, I still enjoy using VGA CRT monitors and CRT TVs for nostalgic experience from time to time. That's why I'm here, but of course, I have a wide range of hobbies beyond that, many of them mentioned in "If possible, try these activities instead" section.
ESG and BRIDGE corporate culture war grift including DEI infesting, Sweet Baby Inc Detected (Steam Curator), ESG-consultants Detected (Steam Curator) (Group page), ESG Corpos (Steam Curator)
Refinement culture
"Online activation required" DRM
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