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Infobox console
Emulated {{{emulated}}}

Infobox console

An infobox for console pages. Based on the improved Infobox emulator template, using a design closely modelled from Wikipedia with our own tweaks. Most parameters are optional but are explained below.


The order of this list of parameters is meant to match the order they are displayed in the box. You can technically place each parameter in any order you want (as opposed to first, second, third, etc.) in the markup, but it can get confusing as the template is designed to have the values show up only one way.

The name of the console. If no value is given, it will default to the name of the page instead, so it's highly recommended to set the parameter yourself.
Should be used for the logo of the console (if it exists). Optional.
Set the width of the logo. Might be useful for logos that either exceed the size of the infobox, or have a more vertical (and thus uncomfortable) aspect ratio. Also optional.
image, image2, image3, image4, image5, image6, image7, image8, image9, and image10
Used to put console images in. The extra numbered parameters exist for cases where there are more than one image, possibly to represent different forms (like Nintendo Switch emulators) or different models (like PC Engine (TurboGrafx-16) emulators). The extras can also be used without the presence of the first image parameter, but this isn't recommended. Optional but recommended.
imagewidth, imagewidth2, imagewidth3, imagewidth4, imagewidth5, imagewidth6, imagewidth7, imagewidth8, imagewidth9, and imagewidth10
Used to set the width of the images. Optional.
Used to put a caption in. Describe both images if you use both parameters. Optional.
Who's making the console? If the console was discontinued, then who made the console? Optional but recommended.
What type of console is it? "Home video game console" or "Handheld game console" are the two biggest examples though you may find "Handheld" game console on pages like Virtual Boy emulators. Optional but recommended.
What generation was this console released in? Wikipedia has a comprehensive list, but you can also see our category for consoles. Optional but recommended.
The release year of the console. Optional but recommended.
When was the console discontinued? Optional.
What console came before this one? Optional.
What console came after this one? Optional.
Is this console unofficially emulated? Required.