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Looking For Accuracy Testers For PC-88 Emulators/PC-88エミュレータの精度テスターをお探しですか?[edit]

I am currently looking for people who have an NEC PC-88 computer to test the accuracy of the PC-88 emulators listed here. If you are interested, download the emulators and compare the accuracy of the emulators to the hardware. Thanks!

私は現在、ここに挙げたPC-88エミュレータの精度をテストするためにNEC PC-88コンピュータを持っている人を探しています。興味のある方は、エミュレータをダウンロードし、エミュレータの精度をハードウェアと比較してください。ありがとう!

Emulating NEC PC-8000 series in NEC PC-8800[edit]

Have you ever wondered how to emulate PC-80 in PC-88? It is very easy. Computers from NEC PC-8800 series has two BASIC modes: N88-BASIC and N-BASIC. N88-BASIC is being used to boot up PC-88 software, and N-BASIC one is the BASIC, which was built in PC-8001.

PC-88 can boot N-BASIC, so it can boot PC-8001 games. Just change N88-BASIC to N-BASIC and that's it. Now you can play PC-80 games on PC-88! But still, there are some NEC PC-80 emulators, so everything here is OPTIONAL.