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Link is dead. We need a backup. Checked wayback machine, and got nothing. -- 15:49, 8 April 2014 (EDT)

Wifi option on git?

recently i noticed a "wifi settings" option on the cofig menu that wasn't there before, does this mean that desmume supports wifi or is this just a non-fuctioning feature? saldy i don't have an ethernet cable to test it for myself right now but i thought it would be worth it to talk about it

the lastest update to this page was on 20/May/2018 the earliest nightly build with this feature is git#490c7e9 which was released on 29/June/2018

Creative differences

This is listed way more times than I care to count, as the reason for so many odd choices and deficiencies. Is this ever going to be elaborated upon, or is this just the original writer's attempt at widely spreading passive aggressive shade?

To be perfectly honest, it's worded as if the editor had a biased point of view. I'd personally recommend a full rewrite from a neutral POV, as current wording sounds more like someone bashing the project rather than detailing it. Azure Fang (talk) 18:26, 29 January 2019 (EST)