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|source = [https://sourceforge.net/p/model3emu/code/HEAD/tree/ SourceForge] <br/>[https://www.supermodel3.com/Files/Supermodel_0.2a_src.zip 0.2a] <small>(Old)</small>
|source = [https://sourceforge.net/p/model3emu/code/HEAD/tree/ SourceForge] <br/>[https://www.supermodel3.com/Files/Supermodel_0.2a_src.zip 0.2a] <small>(Old)</small>
'''Supermodel''' is an open-source [[Sega Model 3]] emulator written in C++.
'''Supermodel''' is an open-source [[Sega Model 3]] emulator written in C++. It is still in very early development.

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Developer(s) sthief, trzy, vlinde, dukeeeey
Latest version 0.2a
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows, Linux, macOS
Emulates Sega Model 3
Website www.supermodel3.com
Programmed in C++
Source code SourceForge
0.2a (Old)

Supermodel is an open-source Sega Model 3 emulator written in C++. It is still in very early development.


Recommended places to download the latest builds:

- Official Supermodel forum thread (Up to SVN 741)
- Emu-France (Windows XP version)

Compile builds:


It seems that this emulator requires you to use a command-line interface to boot up a ROM game. There is an alternative way with a frontend (To be put in the same folder as Supermodel). First check the official Supermodel Command-Line Interface setup guide.

Old frontends:

  • SuperModel-UI:
- Emu-France (French language. SuperModel-UI v0.9.151. Updated: 16/09/2013.)
- Emu-France (French language. SuperModel-UI Snapshots v1.0. Updated: 29/02/2012.)


The original Supermodel effort was undertaken by Ville Linde (vlinde?), Stefano Teso (sthief?), and Bart Trzynadlowski (trzy?) from 2003. The PowerPC emulator is originally by Ville Linde and the Sega Custom Sound Processor emulator was donated by ElSemi (Coder of old emulators like Nebula, CPS3 emulator and Model 2 emulator). Development began in January 2011 after Bart rewrote it from scratch in late 2010 and got it to a playable state. The first version of Supermodel was released on April 1, 2011. It is being created by Bart Trzynadlowski, Ville Linde, and Stefano Teso. Ian (dukeeeey) is another active contributor.

Supermodel is written in C++ and uses OpenGL and SDL. On Windows, it supports force feedback and Xbox 360 controllers.