Super Mario 64 port

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Super Mario 64 Port
Developer(s) sm64-port
Latest version N/A
Active Yes
Platform(s) Multi-platform
Emulates Super Mario 64
Source code GitHub

Super Mario 64 Port is an open-source port of Super Mario 64 with support for widescreen displays, 4K resolution, and other mods. Development of this started when in 2019, Matt Kempster along with others decompiled the original ROM into C source code. Ever since this port, there have been several forks of it that enhance it or port it to other consoles.

Vanilla Forks

Enhanced Forks


sm64ex is a fork of the original SM64-port, that includes a 60fps patch that can be applied before build and offers optional enhancements as make options, such as a better camera, no drawing distance, texture fixes, and support for external resouces such as texture and sound changes, although can still be made completely vanilla, it also includes an in-game options menu that includes controller configuration and an optional cheats menu, and can support older machines and OS with SDL 1.2 or OpenGL 1.1 build options, although there are other enhanced forks such as sm64nx, you generally want to use ex, as it has the most patches and most other mods such as co-op are forks of sm64ex.


Fork of sm64ex with quality of life-fixes and additional features such as PuppyCam 2, Kaze's MOP, console compatibility, and more.


Fork of sm64ex that adds support for RT64, a hardware-accelerated real-time path tracer. Requires a ray-tracing capable card.


Fork of sm64ex where multiple players can play online together, aiming to synchronize all entities and every level for multiple players.


Fork of 'sm64ex-coop' that targets Android, postmarketOS, FreeBSD & OpenBSD.


Fork of original port that includes a minimap, 60fps patch, puppycam patch, mini menu, and more.


Inactive Fork of the sm64 PC port to play the game inside the browser/in online multiplayer

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