Super A'Can

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Super A'Can
Developer Funtech
Type Home video game console
Generation Fourth generation
Release date 1995
Emulated ~

Super A'Can was an extremely rare fourth-generation console that was released exclusively in Taiwan on October 25, 1995, and it had a Motorola 68000 at 10.738635 MHz with 256KB of RAM. It had a UMC UM6618 GPU with 128KB of VRAM.


Name Platform(s) Latest Version FLOSS Active Recommended
MAME Windows Linux macOS FreeBSD git artifacts[N 1]
libretro core[N 2]
  1. CI-Windows CI-Linux CI-Macos
  2. As 0.251, 0.139 (2010), 0.78 (2003), 0.37b5 (2000)
Currently, MAME is the first and only known Super A'Can emulator, but the driver is still in preliminary status. However, some games are playable, but sound emulation is preliminary.