Strange and Forgotten Console emulators

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Tired of the same old high-selling commercialized crap? Do you yearn for the unnatural, unloved, and potentially unholy world of knockoffs and failed consoles? Well we have just the section for you!


  • MegaDuck/CougarBoy
  • Apple Bandai Pippin
  • Watara Supervision
  • Gamate
  • Hartung Game Master
  • Epoch Game Pocket Computer
  • GP32
  • Super A'Can
  • Tapwave Zodiac
  • Gizmondo
  • Casio Loopy
  • Playdia
  • View-Master Interative Vision
  • N-Gage / QD
  • Commodore CDTV
  • FM Towns Marty
  • Amiga CD32