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Wii emulators

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[[File:Wii-gamecube-compatibility.jpg|thumb|The Wii console with a Gamecube controller]]The '''Wii ''' is a 2006 home console by Nintendo, that has less powerful hardware than its main competitors. Instead it focused on unique gameplay through its motion controller, the Wiimote. Because of similarity between the Wii and the [[Gamecube emulators|Gamecube]] , most Wii emulators feature compatibility for the GC.
The Triforce is an arcade system board developed jointly by Namco, Sega, and Nintendo, with the first games appearing in 2002. The system hardware is based on the Nintendo GameCube with several differences, like provisions for add-ons such as Sega's GD-ROM system and upgradeable RAM modules. Wii emulators can also play Triforce games.
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