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IOS emulators

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History of Failed iOS Emulation Attempts
* Nowadays, a malicious APK file going by the '''iEmu''' moniker is also being circulated on blogs run by script kiddies claiming to offer a way to run iOS apps on Android. More often than not they're uploaded with the intention of generating revenue from unsuspecting users (through pay-per-click URL shorteners) who fall easily for those types of scams.
* There has been recently a project to provide a runtime for iOS apps to run on '''Android''' called [ '''Cycada'''] (formerly known as '''Cider'''), but not much progress has been made as of recently, and the original author was accused by some of being a sellout for leaving the project to work as a kernel programmer for Apple.
* There was also a project based on [[QEMU ]] that usually went around by the name QEMU-s5l89xx (based on the part number of the original iPhone), or iVM. The last known commits to this project were in 2013, and it is unclear if this project will ever come to fruition.
Your best bet, until a new emulation effort is ever started, is to hope for whatever iOS app you are interested in, to have an Android port. Which is often sadly not the case (until very recently) for the vast majority of the older game apps, especially Japanese ones - as the Android is perceived often to be the more piracy-friendly platform. That appears to be gradually changing lately and isn't as much concern for non-gaming apps, but the older apps are unlikely to get ported for the most part.
iOS apps are distributed in the IPA format. Like its Android counterpart, .apk APK files, they can be opened as a regular 7z file most of the time and their contents dissected this way.
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