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Nintendo delivers games the same way Sony does with the PlayStation Network; the big ISO with all the data is useless without an authentication key. Unfortunately for them, these keys are much smaller than the game, and can be passed around easily provided people have broken into the console to get them in the first place.
You need a titlekey database, covering base games, updates and DLCs. Some notable ones include [ this for Wii U keys] and [ this for 3DS keys]. '''Note''' you're still restricted to games that are on the eShop and that people bothered to upload their tickets to that titlekey site, so rare or retail-only games are excluded. On real 3DS/Wii U hardware, you could also download a package of all tickets ever of all regions and trick the official eShop into thinking you own the game and can redownload it, but on real hardware, it has been reported some out-of-region tickets cause problems. FreeShop/CIAngel will just install the tickets you need for the game you chose.
If you're using [[Cemu]] with physical dumps, you'll also need [ the Common Wii U Key, and individual Game Keys] for games you're emulating. Some 3DS dumps also require seeds to play on real hardware.
====NUS Downloaders (PC)====
You can get either 3DS or Wii U dumps this way. First of all get the NUS DownloaderWii U USB Helper, for example [ Wii U USB Helper]. Make sure to use the appropriate URL for the titlekey database.
Then, it's as simple as selecting the game you want to download, clicking "Get It" and then "Download Games". This will download the files for the game you chose (the same as the .tik's title). Choose your own region where possible, so the servers are closer to you.
* '''Wii U dumps:''' You can either install the game to your Wii U by moving it to an SD Card and using [ WUP Installer GX2], or if you're using the deprecated Loadiine (or [[Cemu]]), you can "Convert" it "to Loadiine/CIA". Simply right click your newly downloaded game, and then click "Prepare for Emulation". The .rpx file will be available in the game's folder, at /code/[yourgame].rpx.
* '''3DS dumps:''' Just "Convert to CIA" when the tool is done downloading it. That CIA file can then be installed to real 3DS hardware directly using [ FBI], as long as you have enough free space on your SD card for '''double''' its size (CIA files are installers basically, unless you can of course install + delete them after the installation is doneCIA), or if you want to emulate them, you can have install them converted and [ use GodMode9] to convert your titles to '''decrypted 3ds format''' .cxi files, which can be used directly with [httphttps://githubcitra-emu.comorg/ihaveamac/3dsconv 3dsconvCitra] (on PC, requires files dumped from a sighax'd 3DS) or Godmode9 (on real 3DS hardware).
Updates and DLCs can be downloaded the same way. Right click on a game's name to choose which to download. For 3DS games, they can be converted to CIA files, and for Wii U games for emulation on CEMU:
* Create a folder named "aoc" and put the DLC files into there. The "code", "content", and "meta" folders of the actual game itself also go in the "aoc" folder.
====Title Key Titlekey Downloaders (3DS)====You'll need a 3DS with custom firmware installed (most commonly boot9strap + Luma3DS). If you don't have custom firmware, but want it, follow [ The Guideguide the guide.] Do be warned that your firmware may not be compatible (unless you are using ntrboothax or hardmodding your 3DS). Accept no substitutes on this, video guides are quickly outdated. The most used downloader utilities are [ FreeShop] and [ CIAngel]. Freeshop is convenient since it only needs an encTitleKeys.bin from the titlekey site'''NOT RECOMMENDED''', and installs directly the games due to your 3DS without the need to free up double the needed size. CIAngel can download particularly rare or obscure games only using a text file with the game's Title ID and its encrypted title key. If you want to rip your installed games and convert them to decrypted 3DS dumps for use with Citra, get Godmode9. You can launch it at boot-up with a special button combination of your choice depending on how you named the file. Your games are under <code>[A:] SYSNAND SD/title</code>often being outdated, press R+A to "Search for titles" in that directoryunreliable, select the tmd file for your game and "TMD file options/Dump CXI/NDS file" and then your ROM will be generated under the <code>/gm9/out</code> directory in your SD cardunsafe.
Godmode9 can do even more thingsThe best download utility is [ FreeShop]. FreeShop is convenient since it only needs an encTitleKeys.bin from the titlekey site, from generating CIAs from installed digital and installs the games or inserted retail DS/3DS cartridges, directly to converting between CIA and your 3DS. YouIf you would prefer to use your computer'll need CIA format dumps for the moment being to install any gamess download speed as an alternative, even retail gameshowever, on custom firmwares (unless you're willing to buy outdated 3DS flashcarts which can use 3DS dumps)Wii U USB Helper via the instructions given above.
===Nintendo Amiibo===

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