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|image = Wine.png
|first = 12.80.52 (Dev: 2.17)
|second = Yes
|third = Unix
With some programs, official Windows DLL files are required. Most of these are available to download via the (usually) included script, [ winetricks]. Compatibility lists for most programs can be found on the [ AppDB].
Games which use DirectX/Direct3D APIs later than 9.0 may not run at all on Wineare mixed in terms of support, as support for many DX10 and /11 are preliminary games/programs run, however many still simply don't run at bestall. Also On the downside, there are some programs that are simply impossible to run, applications due to restrictions regarding how Wine works. Programs such as GameGuard and certain other anticheats for games that use will not run at all, due to it being impossible for Wine to implement kernel-mode drivers e.g. for copy protection or anti-cheat middleware may Games such as those by Nexon and/or other companies that utilize these types of anticheats will not be supported on Wine due to the way they access low-level/ring 0 system functionsonly run through a virtual machine (however, sometimes even then, such as MMOs bundled with GameGuardthere is no guarantee).

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