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Developer(s) Gary Henderson
Jerremy Koot
Latest version 1.63 [+]
Active Yes
Platform(s) Multi-platform
Emulates Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Accuracy Highly-Accurate
Website (outdated)
Programmed in C++, C, HTML
License Source-available, Non-commercial
Source code GitHub

Snes9x is a source-available Super Nintendo (SNES) emulator written in C++. It is also available as a libretro core for RetroArch.


Windows macOS Bearoso's Official Releases
Windows Linux macOS FreeBSD Official Nightly builds

Windows Snes9k 0.09z
Backup from
FreeBSD snes9x-gtk
Saturn Snes9X
GameCube Wii Wii U Snes9x GX
Includes cheat files
GameCube Wii Wii U Snes9x RX
First fork of Snes9xGX by niuus, based in Snes9x 1.52
GameCube Wii Wii U Snes9x TX
Fork of Snes9xGX by Tanooki16, based in Snes9x 1.60
Linux ARM Vita Switch pSNES
Based on Snes9x 1.60
PSP Snes9x TYL 180404
Nintendo 3DS Snes9x 3DS v1.30

Derivative versions

  • Snes9x Next is an optimized version of Snes9x 1.52 with speed hacks and is available as a libretro core for RetroArch. It has an option to overclock the SuperFX chip, making games like Star Fox run at a higher FPS.
  • Snes9x for 3DS is based of 1.43, and can run non-enhancement chip games at full speed on Old 3DS models.
  • Snes9xTYL(mecm)/cm Mod is a port of Snes9x 1.39 to PSP. Inaccuracies everywhere, especially with sound, but it's the best thing available for PSP for SNES emulation. Use the mecm build where possible, unless you use the PSP emulator on Vita, in which case use the cm build.
  • ZMZ (GitHub and download page) is a version of Snes9x that uses ZNES' GUI with a Snes9x libretro back end.


Snes9x was birthed from a merger of Gary Henderson's Snes96 and Jerremy Koot's Snes97; both were among the earliest SNES emulation efforts, starting all the way back in the 1990s like ZSNES did. Modern Snes9x, however, is far superior to ZSNES and is currently one of the most comprehensive Super Nintendo emulators available. It has very high compatibility and is easy to use, and while it might not be as accurate as bsnes or ares, it's still a good choice for systems that can't run either of those at full speed.
With that said, as of 2023 you're probably better off with Mesen 2.x on PC because of the higher accuracy, manual PAL/NTSC switching option and easily accessible auto save states. Some very old translation patches could cause issues with the older Mesen S fork (one such example is the DeJap Tales of Phantasia translation, which only displayed tileset vomit on Mesen S), but Mesen 2.x seems to be overcoming those issues.

Problems and solutions

Snes9x has issues with XInput (such as with XInput Wrapper SCP), particularly recognizing diagonals on the d-pad and analog R2/L2 presses. The solution is to either input them manually or edit the .conf file and add in (J0)POV Up Right, (J0)POV Dn Right, etc. for the diagonal inputs.


Developer(s) g0ebish
Last version 0.09
Active No
Platform(s) Windows
Emulates Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Snes9k is Snes9x with Kaillera client support. It is based on a very old (~2005) build of Snes9x. but it dont show the master server list so a bust

If using the updated multiplayer client

  • Support for up to 8 simultaneous people playing
  • No fiddling with router settings and port forwarding
  • Netplay traffic is handled by a central dedicated server that helps keep things synched
  • Private game chat support and public chat to speak people outside your game room
  • Being able to drop out of a game at any time without disrupting (much) your teammate(s).
  • Kicking/banning/muting people from your room
  • It's a matchmaking service where you can join other people's rooms, too
  • It's slightly (significantly still) prone to freezing/crashing/BSOD (in that order)
  • Random, inconsistent FPS drops due to the server trying to keep everyone synched, sometimes stuttering. It's annoying, but rarely does it make it unplayable
  • The emulator is based upon (Snes9x 1.42, a 10-year-old version) lacks A LOT of options, and incorrectly emulates several games (most Bishoujo Senshi, DBZ Super Butouden 2, etc.)
  • Everyone needs to have the exact same ROM version or Netplay won't work (if it somehow does, it'll desynch rather quickly)
  • Everyone needs to have the exact same save file, or no save file at all. Else, it desynchs
  • You need to constantly switch focus back and forth between chat and emulator window in order to chat.
  • You will hear no sound while the window is unfocused.

If using the updated P2P client

  • Excellent connectivity between 2 players (ONLY), sometimes informally compared to GGPO's netcode efficiency.
  • Basic chat support.
  • Requires port forwarding
  • The highest ping that it tolerates is around the 150ms mark, after which it starts to desynch very often
  • It's slightly prone to freezing/crashing/BSOD, but to a much lesser extent than the multiplayer client
  • Everyone needs to have the exact same ROM version and save file. Or else, it'll desynch or outright not work.
  • Chatbox is an eyesore.
  • You need to constantly switch focus back and forth between chat and emulator window in order to chat.
  • You will hear no sound while the window is unfocused.

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