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Sega SG-1000
Developer Sega
Type Home video game console
Generation Third generation
Release date 1983
Discontinued 1985
Successor Master System

The SG-1000, also known as Sega Game 1000, was a third-generation 8-bit home video game console released by Sega on July 15, 1983 and had a Zilog Z80 CPU at 3.58 MHz with 1KB of RAM. This system marked Sega's first entry into the home video game hardware business. The SG-1000 didn't see much success in its home country, mostly due to competition from the technically superior Famicom; it did however enjoy a brief period of popularity in Taiwan, prior to the latter market being inundated by unlicensed Family Computer clones.

Sega's use of off-the-shelf components in developing the console, which was also shared with the ColecoVision, led to at least one unauthorized clone of the SG-1000, manufactured and sold by Taiwan-based Bit Corporation as the Dina 2-in-1. Indeed, the Dina had support for SG-1000 games and ColecoVision titles to a certain extent.

The SC-3000 (also known as Sega Computer 3000) was its home computer counterpart and has a built-in keyboard.


Name Platform(s) Latest Version SG-1000 SC-3000 SF-7000 Libretro Core FLOSS Active Recommended
PC / x86
MasterGear         4.9
MAME         0.234
BizHawk   2.6.2
Genesis Plus GX         * 1.7.5 RC1 ~
higan         v110 ~ ~
Kega Fusion       3.64 ~
Gearsystem         3.3.0
blueMSX         ** 2.8.2
MEKA         0.8-alpha (2021-07-26)
vdmgr   0.2.1 ~
DarcNES         9b0401/9b0313 ~
CLK       2021-07-16
CoolCV         0.6.6
TwoMbit       1.0.5
FreezeSMS   4.6
Essgee   v001.2
Mobile / ARM
MasterGear   4.9
Genesis Plus GX     1.7.5 RC1
S8DS   0.7 ? ?
SMS Plus GX       ? ? ? ~

*Only available on PC as a libretro core (e.g. RetroArch).

**Only available outside of Windows as a libretro core (e.g. RetroArch).

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