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Developer(s) RetroBat Team
Latest version 6.2.1 [+]
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows
Architecture(s) x64
Type Launcher/frontend
License LGPL v3
Source code GitHub
GitHub (old repository)
RetroBat's GUI.

RetroBat is a software distro designed to automatically configure EmulationStation's frontend interface with RetroArch and with standalone emulators and helps users to deal with their ROM collections on Windows in an easy way. It requires Internet connection to download additional emulator programmes which aren't downloaded until you launch a game (file extension used to determine the relevant emulated system). It supports both standalone emulators and RetroArch/Libretro cores. Windows PC games are addable to RetroBat as well by pointing at their .exe file. Supported platforms include numerous consoles, arcades and computers. RetroBat is focused in portability and lets you storage your ROMs on an external device like a USB stick as long as you meet the minimum system requirements.