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ROM managers are quality-of-life tools designed to organize a game collection for use in an emulator. It often serves two purposes; it can view any game an emulator supports and list the ones that you have, and it may also be able to fix any potential problems with the collection (as some projects like MAME require the presence of all ROM files in order to run a driver). Some ROM managers may even work as a frontend, by being able to launch an emulator from their UI.

ROM Managers

Name Latest version Active Recommended Noteworthy Callouts
PC / x86
RomVault 3.7.0 Scales to support massive collections, in-app DAT downloads with DatVault for Patreon supporters, Linux support with mono, very active development and Discord
EzRO-gui v1.22 TBD GUI, lots of options.
Clrmamepro 4.048d Well established, features and functions are MAME centric
JRomManager 3.0.2 TBD Multi-threaded scanning and archive building
igir 2.6.2 ~[N 1] Command line only, integrates well into custom workflows
oxyromon 0.18.1 TBD
ROMSorter Release 6 ~ TBD
ArcadeManager 7.1 ~ TBD
skeletonKey git ~ TBD
Romcenter 4.1.1
Romulus Rom Manager 0.049
RomM 2.2.1
Gaseous 1.7.2
  1. Command line program - does not have a graphical interface.


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