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Rip 1 Class Rip 2 Class Legend
Very Playable/Playable Excellent Game is fully playable. Very Good Audio. No gfx glitches
Playable Good Game is playable but needs full play-through tester. Good Audio Few gfx glitches
Working/Playable Normal Game is mostly playable. Bad audio. Non intrusive gfx glitches in game. Some games might freeze far into the game.
Working/Unplayable Unplayable intro only or crash during early gameplay and the game has very slow/laggy/glitched up gfxs or it gets in game and plays well, but freezes or locks up at some early point. Broken Audio
Unplayable Bad Game is Unplayable
Unplayable/Unavailable Terrible Game isn't even boot or is boots but freezes sometimes, but are hopefully blacklisted.

Game list[edit]

Game Name Version Notes
Donkey Kong (U) v1.0 Requires NMI mode "At vblank"
Donkey Kong 3 v1.4.2 Hangs On Title Screen
Kirby's Adventure (U) v1.4 disable stack native return, disable NMI at vblank, first level works but major slowdowns when enemies are on screen. Demo scrolling is wrong.
Monopoly (U) v1.3 fully working (except for $4011 PCM audio)
N*ts & Milk v1.1 sprite and BG are out of alignment vertically by approx 16 pixels
Pac-Man (U) v1.3 disable memory emulation load and store
Parodius v1.3 does not boot.
Pinball (U) v1.4.2 playable
Super Mario Bros. (U) v1.1 sprite zero offset 7
Super Mario Bros. 2 v1.4.2 disable "native return address", disable NMI mode "At vblank" playable
Trog v1.4.2 disable stack native address, enable clone CHR-RAM. very flickery
Zippy Race v1.3 Hangs with some glitchy gfxs