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{{Infobox console
|title = PlayStation Vita
|logo = Vita.png
|developer = [[:Sony]]
|type = [[:Category:Consoles|Handheld game console]]
|generation = [[:Category:Eighth-generation video game consoles|Eighth generation]]
|release = 2011
|predecessor = [[PlayStation Portable emulators|PlayStation Portable]]
|emulated = {{~}}
The '''PlayStation Vita''' is an eighth-generation handheld game console by Sony, released in Japan on December 17, 2011, and in North America on February 15, 2012. It had a Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore at 333MHz (Boosted to 494MHz when Wi-Fi is deactivated) with 512MB of RAM and 128MB of VRAM. It had a Quad-core PowerVR SGX543MP4+ GPU, which can push 133 million polygons onto the screen every second at a clock speed of 200MHz.
{| class="wikitable" style="text-align:center;"
! scope="col"|Name
! scope="col"|Platform(s)
! scope="col"|Latest Version
! scope="col"|Active
! scope="col"|[[Recommended Emulators|Recommended]]
! colspan="5"|PC / x86
|[https://github.com/Vita3K/Vita3K Git]
:Can already run some homebrew titles, and some commercial games boot up with visuals or go into gameplay. The emulator uses Vita dumps in the .vpk file format.
==Emulation issues==
The RPCS3 developers once considered adding Vita emulation support, going as far as displaying a simple 'Hello world' and a basic atomic test sample.<ref name="emunewz">{{cite web|url=http://www.emunewz.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=164933|title=PS Vita emulation progress|publisher=emunewz|accessdate=2018-04-04|date=2014-11-02}}</ref> However, Vita development was completely halted since then and focused exclusively on [[PlayStation 3 emulators|PS3]] emulation down to the website's branding. A Patreon post admitting as much asked users whether they are still interested at all in Vita emulation. Significant further developments on Vita coming from RPCS3 aren't very likely considering the general lack of developer interest, and those who are (like frangarcj) went on to join Vita3K. The RPCS3 project has since removed Vita support from the codebase.<ref name="GitHub">{{cite web|url=https://github.com/RPCS3/rpcs3/pull/4160|title=Remove Vita emulation (Nekotekina)|publisher=GitHub|accessdate=2018-04-04|date=2018-02-09}}</ref>
==See Also==
*[[Emulators on Vita]]
==External links==
*[https://vitadevwiki.com/vita/Main_Page PS Vita Dev Wiki]
*[https://wiki.henkaku.xyz/vita/Main_Page Wiki for homebrew development on PS Vita] ([https://henkaku.xyz/ Official site])
*[https://vitasdk.org/ Development tools for PS Vita development] ([https://docs.vitasdk.org/ APIs])
*[https://github.com/CelesteBlue-dev/PSVita-RE-tools PSVita Reverse Engineering Tools] (Solely used to aid in homebrew / plugins / hacks development)
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[[Category:Eighth-generation video game consoles]]
[[Category:PlayStation Vita emulators]]

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