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|[http://purei.org/downloads/play/weekly/ 20170829]
|[http://purei.org/downloads.php Builds]

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The PlayStation 2 console

The PlayStation 2 (PS2) is a sixth-generation console released by Sony in 2000. It became the highest selling console of all time with over 155 million units sold.


Name Operating System(s) Latest Version Active Recommended
PCSX2 Windows, Linux, Mac OS X 1.4.0 (stable)
Play! Multi-platform Builds
hpsx64 Windows v022
DobieStation Windows Git
Emotionless Windows Git
orbum Windows Git
Play! Android, iOS Git


The only PS2 emulator currently worth using. That said, it is very underwhelming in the accuracy department, with thousands of bugs and graphical glitches. However, since version 1.4, the emulator is capable of playing 2455 games without any major glitches (regardless of speed), and playing 56 games at a non-playable speed or with major graphical or accuracy glitches. Check the Game Problems FAQ for the most difficult titles.
Can run quite a few commercial games but is still pretty far behind PCSX2.
Can also run quite a few commercial games, but probably less so, and at slower speeds, than Play!.
Can not run any commercial games yet, designed to be fast, accurate and easy to use. An android port is planned.
Can not run commercial games or homebrew yet, aims to have clean, readable code that is both portable and scalable, dormant for quite some time, but had some activity lately.

External links

  • PCSX2 Wiki - For checking if your games work and any fixes, tweaks, or settings you should know beforehand. The wiki is very outdated and unfinished, so personal testing is usually a must.
  • PlayStation 2 DataCenter - Tons of PS2 related things. Emulator files like plugins, game manuals, game configurations, and many tutorials are just some of things you'll find here.