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Prototype consoles are consoles that have had a physical build made but for some reason not been released, Such as lack of faith in the console being successful or disagreements within the company/companies. Some prototypes do (highly likely without permission from the developers) get sold to collectors, the exact relationship between the seller and the company is generally unknown.

RDI Halcyon[edit]

RDI Halcyon
Developer RDI Video Systems
Type Home video game console
Generation Third generation
Release date 1985 (planned)

The Halcyon is a LaserDisc-based, third-generation home video game console produced by RDI Video Systems.

The System was planned to be released in January 1985, priced at $2500. This would have made it the most expensive console of all time. However, it does not appear that it ever reached retailers, and less than a dozen prototype units exist. Only two games for it were completed:

  • Raiders vs. Chargers (released in arcades by Bally Midway as NFL Football)
  • Thayer's Quest (released in arcades by RDI, then for other systems by Interplay as Kingdom: The Far Reaches).


MAME can emulate the arcade board hardware and ROMs.

Atari Panther[edit]

Sega Jupiter[edit]

Sega Neptune[edit]

The Sega Neptune was a planned "upgraded" version of the Sega Genesis with a built-in 32X.


Sega Pluto[edit]

Nintendo PlayStation[edit]

Main article: Super Nintendo emulators#Hardware variants
Nintendo PlayStation
Developer Sony
Type Home video game console
Generation Fifth generation
Successor PlayStation
Emulated ~

The Super Famicom CD-ROM Adapter (a.k.a "SNES-CD" and "Nintendo PlayStation") is a prototype add-on for the Super Nintendo. developed by Sony, in co-operation with Nintendo. It was never released to the public.


Name Platform(s) Latest Version FLOSS Active
NO$SNS   v1.6

Panasonic M2[edit]

Panasonic M2
Pictured: FZ-21S Model
Developer 3DO
Type Home video game console
Generation Sixth generation
Release date Canceled
Predecessor 3DO
Not to be confused with Konami M2, although they do share some history.

The Panasonic M2, also known as 3DO M2 or simply M2, is a 64-bit, sixth-generation home video game console meant to be released by Matsushita (Panasonic) in 1997. Developed by The 3DO Company, M2 featured a CPU comprised of dual PowerPC 602s clocked @ 66 MHz, alongside a custom ASIC chip codenamed "Bulldog", which handled several audiovisual elements.

After system specifications were sold to Matsushita in early 1996, the company made a deal with Konami to produce arcade hardware based on the specifications (See Konami M2).

Despite this, plans for release of the home console were canceled in mid 1997, and in October of the same year, Matsushita started marketing the M2 hardware for use in other markets, such as interactive kiosks. However, several games and miscellaneous software have surfaced since, such as "IMSA Racing", "PonPonLand" and "VizHouse".




Interactive Media Player FZ-21S (FZ-21S1TK / FZ-21S1K)[edit]

The system uses a case design identical to what was intended for the finalized M2 console. Additionally, it is much more rare than the FZ-35S.

Interactive Media Player FZ-35S[edit]

Uses a completely different case design, has 16MB of RAM and features a DVD-ROM drive. Other than that, the hardware is identical to the FZ-21S.


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