Operating systems

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Multipurpose operating systems

  • Windows - Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • DOS
  • Haiku
  • BSD

Emulation focused operating systems

These Linux distributions offer complete emulation packages for PCs, single board computers, consoles and other systems.

Name Architecture Frontend Latest Version Active Recommended
Batocera.linux ARM, x86 EmulationStation fork 35
ChimeraOS x86 Steam Big Picture 28
Lakka ARM, x86 RetroArch 4.3
Recalbox ARM, x86 EmulationStation 6.1.1-DragonBlaze
RetroPie ARM EmulationStation fork 4.8
SteamOS 3 x86 Steam Big Picture N/A

Run software for one operating system on another

Here you'll find information on how to run old Windows software on Windows 11, how to run modern Windows software on Linux and macOS or how to run macOS software on other platforms.

Run emulators on a specific operating system

Main article: Emulators by platform