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Developer(s) openMSX Team
Latest version 18.0
Active Yes
Platform(s) Multi-platform
Emulates MSX
License GNU GPLv2
Source code GitHub
BIOS/Keys Optional

openMSX is an open-source, multi-system MSX emulator. Includes a minimal HLE BIOS implementation called C-BIOS that allows some games to be played without an original firmware dump.


Windows Linux macOS Official Stable builds

Windows macOS Android Dingoo Dev Builds




  • MSXturboR
  • Moonsound
  • IDE Controller by Sunrise
  • GFX9000
  • Pioneer Palcom LaserDisc

Notable features

  • Hard- and software Scalers
  • Debugging
  • Tcl Script Support
  • Cheat Finder (through Tcl)
  • Game Trainers (through Tcl)
  • Audio/Video recording (through console; can record at 720p, allowing recordings to be played at 60fps on sites like YouTube; much better than blueMSX's offering)
  • Reverse support (go back in emulated time to correct mistakes or debug what happened)

Other features and supported hardware not listed can be seen here.

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