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Developer VM Labs
Type Home video game console
Generation Sixth generation
Release date 2000
Discontinued 2003
Emulated ~

Nuon is a technology that adds various features to DVD players like playing 3D video games and enhanced DVD navigational tools etc. See Home Media player page for more information.


Name Platform(s) Latest Version FLOSS Active Recommended
Nuance   0.6.5 ~[N 1]
MAME         git artifacts[N 2]
libretro core[N 3]
  1. Many users are only going to care about playing the games; if you want to run of the supported commercial games from some any other media other than DVD file system type, copy all files from the Nuon directory on the DVD to a directory on the media from which you wish to load the files. Most games will only require the and nuon.dat files found in the Nuon directory of the DVD. Some games may have additional data files that are required, but if the and nuon.dat files are not copied, you are doomed to certain failure. The emulator does not support any form of image file, the files must be accessable via standard file system calls. An image file mounted in a virtual DVD device will work but the image must be a complete DVD image. Click here for more information.
  2. CI-Windows CI-Linux CI-Macos
  3. As 0.251, 0.139 (2010), 0.78 (2003), 0.37b5 (2000)