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The Nintendo Switch is a ninth-generation console-handheld hybrid gaming platform launched by Nintendo in 2017. It was also known as the Nintendo NX (short for NeXt) during development, and includes motion and touch controls. Aside from specialized components unique to the console, the hardware is more or less off-the-shelf, being built around a semi-custom variant of Nvidia's Tegra X1 system-on-chip which was also used on a number of Android devices.

A huge vulnerability was discovered that allowed tons of system files to be dumped, including dumps of games in the form of romfs.istorage archives, an exefs folder, and license files. These game dumps eventually got shared online by scene groups except for their licenses, but they're missing important files to run and even if they were complete, no custom homebrew apps let alone solutions to load unofficial game dumps have been developed yet for the system.

A "debugging emulator" for the Nintendo Switch, Mephisto, popped up not long after. What it does is emulate sysmodules with "no support for graphics, sound, input, or any kind of even remotely performant processing [...] by design". While this project is open-source, it is developed as nothing more than research.



Name Operating System(s) Latest Version Active Recommended
yuzu Windows, macOS, Linux Source (no binaries yet)

yuzu is currently the only Switch emulator, but it cannot run games yet. It is by the same developers of the Citra team. There are no binaries available, but you can build it for your OS from their page if you'd like.