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Developer(s) Hideki Naito
Latest version 0.3.6a4 (non-registered users)
0.4.3 (announced in 2003)
Active No
Platform(s) MacOS
Emulates NES/Famicom
Website English

NESMac is a shareware Game Boy/Game Boy Color emulator for early Macintosh computers, first released in 1996. It is available in both 68k and pre-Mac OS X PowerPC versions.


macOS 68k (requires 68040 processor minimum)


NESMac was originally derived from A2Mac, an unreleased emulator of the Apple II Plus, another machine using a 6502 processor. The emulator was created to run early Namco games, such as Cumans and Battle City.


Only 16K and 32K ROM images are compatible.

Notable features[edit]

  • Available for 68K Macintosh computers
  • Keyboard and Gravis GamePad input

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