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Developer(s) UsernameAK (a.k.a. /bin/cat)
Latest version 1.1.0
Active Yes
Platform(s) Android
Emulates BREW
Support ($) PayPal
Programmed in C, C++
Source code GitLab

Melange is a BREW wrapper/emulator for Android. Filesystem implementation is written in C++ and the rest is in C. While the core emulator is free and open-source, it relies on proprietary components from Qualcomm, the creators of BREW.


As BREW and Android share the ARM architecture, Melange only has to translate specific calls, providing increased performance compared to a virtual machine or emulator.

It can run many 2D and 3D BREW games that don't require OpenGL or some other APIs. As such, some KTF and KDDI BREW (Au's EZweb) titles work but have trouble properly rendering fonts, and no Zeebo games are currently supported since they all require OpenGL. The emulator is still in early development.

Compatibility list

See "'Melange compatibility list"'

How to use

Game path

•To use, you need to put the game file in the /sdcard/MelangeBREW/mod folder

•place manifest files .mif in (mif) folder


Screen resolution

Create a breConfig.toml file under the path /MelangeBREW/sys/

Add the following text in breConfig.toml

width = px
height = px

For example

width = 240
height = 320


Storage limit

If game says there is not enough space in the storage.

Create a breConfig.toml file under the path /MelangeBREW/sys/

Add the following text in breConfig.toml

storageLimit = Bytes


  • Most BREW titles works.
  • One screen control support.
  • Added screenshot button [+].
  • Sound is not supported.
  • Touchscreen support is unimplemented.
  • Some KTF and KDDI BREW titles run but have issues with font rendering.
  • Zeebo games are not yet supported.



Menu UI view

List of dumped games

  • Soon™


Android Builds
SDK Note
Old BREW SDK Old BREW SDK extensions from

Archived by /bin/cat

Qualcomm BREW 1.1 SDK An SDK for making mobile applications for Qualcomm's BREW runtime, version 1.1
Brew MP SDK 7.12.5
BREW MP SDK + tools

Icon BREW.png

Downloaded BREW apps are tied to an individual handset via a digital signature, making piracy or sideloading difficult if not impossible. However, some devices can run backups and pirated apps, which are much rarer and harder to find than ones for J2ME. Many European and American games have been dumped, but most are undumped as of yet. There are collections of European, American, Korean, few Japanese and Chinese titles.

Set Note Backups
BREW collections by Kraze 2010 & 2018
BREW games Included 2020 collection Mirror
Korean KTF BREW Mobile Games courtesy of DUBIGAME
Korean 2003-2004 KTF BREW eMule network Mobile Games Archive of 2003-2004-ish KTF BREW Games, courtesy of Kraze. BREW Games collection by Straces
Games posted by kraze and Straces.
Signed / Unsigned

NOTE: All games are dumped by Kraze.

Games Download Note(s) (Version)
Wheel of Fortune 2002 💾 120x148
Ghosts and Goblins 💾 128x128
Ghouls and Ghosts 💾 176x203
EverQuest: Hero's Call 2 💾 176x204
Tetris 2008 💾 240x298
Pool 3D 💾 240x300
Fox Motocross 3D 💾 176x204, stretchable to 240x320

Superscape Group plc's Swerve 3D Technology

Transformers G1 Awakening 💾 Partially found
Kingdom Hearts 3D 💾 Partially found (Episodes 1-3 found)

Superscape Group plc's Swerve 3D Technology

BREW Exclusive

Jeopardy 💾 Included (Jeopardy 2005, 2007, 2010, Rock n Roll Jeopardy and Jeopardy for Prizes)
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow 3D 💾 The game came out cut off compared to the 2D version, and it also lagged.
OpenLara port (Tomb Raider) 💾 Ported by /bin/cat
Need For 💾
Mega Man: Rush Marine 💾
Ratchet & Clank: Going Mobile 💾
Contra 4: Redux 💾
The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

Sonic The Hedgehog 💾
Tetris 2007 💾
Need For Speed: I want to play a game
Assassin's Creed II 3D 💾💾
Big Range Hunting 3D 💾


Games Download
Snake Revolution 💾
Sim City Deluxe
Sims Medieval
Sims Castaway
Sims 3 World Adventures
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 💾
Tetris 2008 💾


Games Download
Call of Duty 3 💾
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 💾
Call of Duty: Black Ops 💾
Call of Duty: World At War 💾
Tetris 💾
Tetris Pop 💾
Tetris 2011 💾
Doodle Jump 💾
Katamari 💾
Ms. Pac-Man 💾
Pac-Man 💾
The Sims 3 💾
Sonic Spinball 💾
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 💾


Games Download Note (Version)
Tetris Blue 💾
Tetris Remix 💾
Puyo Puyo Fever DX 💾 Full Version
Cracked by Realtimeless
Pawapuro 5 💾 Demo Version
Metal Gear Solid Mobile 💾 Trial Version

Mascot Capsule 3D

Games Download Note (Version)
Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee - Iron First 2D/3D

💾 3D version only
Spider-Man 2: NY Rooftops 3D 💾
Brave Shot 2 💾 320x240
Predator 3D: The Duel 💾

圣莫尼卡's ZTE D90+ (176x220) was sent from China (阿拉雷叔) to Poland (Kraze's acquaintance) to Ukraine. Password for all packages is 'alaleishu2023'.

Games Download
潜龙 Deep Sea Dragon: Burning in Blood 💾
3D版三国台球 (3D Three Kingdoms Pool) 💾
3D生化启示录 (3D Biohazard Revelations) 💾
不可能完成的任务 (Mission Impossible) 💾
菜园保卫战 (Garden Defense) 💾
大众网球 (Public Tennis) 💾
斗地主和接龙 (Fight the Landlord and Solitaire) 💾
飞行棋-决战天幕 (Fly Chess - Fighting in the Sky) 💾
疯狂碰碰车之强者为王 (Crazy Bumper Car) 💾
疯狂医院 (Crazy Hospital) 💾
火神狱 (The Prison of Fire God) 💾
剑灵-诛仙之战 (Sword Spirit) 💾
剑缘IV之转瞬红颜 (Karma of Sword 4) 💾
军魂十面埋伏 (Soldier Soul) 💾
龙斗士 (Dragon Fighter) 💾
魔幻水晶 (Magical Crystal) 💾
情侣游戏之死了都要爱 (Lover's Game) 💾
三国斗地主 (Fight the Landlord in Three Kingdoms) 💾
三国象棋 (Chess of the Three Kingdoms) 💾
三重小镇 (Triple Town) 💾
世界大战 (World War) 💾
索马里海战 (Somali Naval War) 💾
天国与地狱2 (Heaven and Hell 2) 💾
豚鼠嘉年华 (Guinea Pig Carnival) 💾
无间道 (Infernal Affairs) 💾
五子棋大师 (Master of Gomoku) 💾
星际大战-防御 (Star Wars - Defense) 💾
英雄大战僵尸 (Heroes vs Zombies) 💾
真西游记 (True - Journey to the West) 💾
征战天下 (Conquering the World) 💾
中华料理学院 (Chinese Cooking Academy) 💾

Icon Zeebo.png

A brazilian video game console and online distribution platform developed with developing markets in mind, that also runs on BREW. Dumps of the Zeebo and its games exist, and gameplay footage of them has been uploaded on YouTube.

Set Backups
Zeebo Games & Apps compilation

Zeebo (All Games + Dev Tools)
Zeebo Games

See also

  • Zeebo - Zeebo's software platform is essentially a custom version of Qualcomm's BREW, so Zeebo games might be playable in BREW emulators.
  • BREW


  • Monero: 49GCgSWs5kUccr66X74oZ8MedgBaJrbdRPj4PYJkvCfSPShfHfXoJxC6ZBTJm3R4YLQ7eWP3i4aBHcPKqShS6aybVc1DURB

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