Magnavox Odyssey emulators

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Magnavox Odyssey
Developer Magnavox
Type Home video game console
Generation First generation
Release date 1972
Discontinued 1975
Successor Magnavox Odyssey²

The Odyssey is the first home video game console, released in September of 1972 by Magnavox and was retailed for $99.99 (though when purchased with a Magnavox television, it cost only $50). It was called the Brown Box during development. It ran on either 6 C-cell batteries or a 9-volt AC adapter. The Odyssey did not use a CPU; the cartridges, called "circuit cards", altered the machine's signal path instead. This changed the light output of the television screen, creating the appearance of a game, but it did not allow for music to be played.


Name Platform(s) Latest Version Accuracy Libretro Core Active Recommended
PC / x86
OdySim Windows 13/10/2019 Cycle
Odyemu MS-DOS 03/03/2009 Cycle