List of notable SNES ports and remakes

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Some SNES games suffered from slowdown which may be fixed in ports.

Many SNES games were ported to the GBA. These versions may have extra features, but at the cost of poorer video and audio quality. The resolution is significantly lower at 240 x 160 as opposed to the usual 256 x 224 of SNES games. This leads to a smaller visible playing area, which can be devastating in some cases. The audio is much lower quality than the SNES and almost always uses inferior instrument samples for whatever reason (designated as "worse audio"). Also, most GBA games use much brighter colors to compensate for the lack of contrast in the original GBA display. To have these games display as intended, a shader or a palette patch is needed. Additionally, the GBA has two fewer buttons, leading to compromised control layouts.

Several SNES games were ported to the PlayStation. More often than not the PS1 ports offer more features. However, the CD format creates loading times. Contrary to popular belief, most of these ports are not emulations. They simply take the text and graphical assets from the SNES game ROM image on the disc, with the rest of the programming being original work.

Chrono Trigger

PS1: Extra content including FMV & beastiary, longer load times
NDS: PS1 extra content (with load times fixed) plus more extra content, touch controls, more literal translation, French translation added
iOS/Android: Translation based on NDS with additional languages, touch controls, mostly unchanged graphics.

Clock Tower PS1 & Windows: Titled Clock Tower: The First Fear. FMV, minor graphical changes; additional new weapon, enemy, & location

Wonderswan: greyscale colors, poorer audio, lower graphical quality, slightly reduced screen size

Contra III: The Alien Wars Titled Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX. Removed dual wielding and mega bombs, added lock aim, Mode 7 levels replaced with levels from Contra: Hard Corps, worse audio.
Donkey Kong Country GBC: weaker graphics & audio, new stage, longer version of "Winky's Walkway", mini-games, time trail

GBA: increased brightness, worse contrast, color saturation, & audio; mini-games, time trail

Dragon Quest V ✓ (R) ✓ (R)

PS2: Full 3D remake with party enhancements. Only released in Japan.
DS: Remake done in a similar vein to the DQIV remakes. Has the same mechanics perks as the PS2 remake, along with some unique content.
iOS/Android: Port of the DS version.

Dragon Quest VI ✓ (R)

DS: Remake done in a similar vein to the remakes of the previous two games. Features some core gameplay changes.

EarthBound Worse audio. Japan only.
Final Fantasy IV ✓ (R)

Original Version
PS1: FMV opening and ending, new features, different translation, longer load times
WSC: Lacks Mode 7 effects (replaced by scaling effects), limited palette, poorer audio. Japan-only.
GBA: Titled Final Fantasy IV Advance. Based on the WSC version. New translation. Extra content, updated graphics, worse audio.
PSP: Titled Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection. Includes The After Years as well as an in-between Interlude. Includes all GBA content. Enhanced graphics, choice between original and enhanced audio.
3D Remakes
NDS: Very different 3D remake following FFIII on DS (no PSP release unlike it).
PC: HD version of DS remake.
iOS/Android: DS version port, followed by an exclusive 3D remake of The After Years.

Final Fantasy V

PS1: First official English release of the game.
GBA: Titled Final Fantasy V Advance. New translation. Extra content, worse audio.
iOS/Android: Redone sprites (RPG Maker art style), touch controls.

Final Fantasy VI

GBA: Titled Final Fantasy VI Advance. New translation. Extra content, worse audio.
iOS/Android: Redone sprites and Mode-7 sections (RPG Maker art style), touch controls, reworked Cyan Bushido.

Front Mission ✓ (R) DS: Only official English release of the game.
Ganbare Goemon 1
Yuki-Hime's Disappearance
US: The Legend of the Mystical Ninja
GBA: Worse audio, no multiplayer/co-op, more save slots than the Super Famicom release, can change character any time. Japan only. Bundled with Ganbare Goemon 1.
Ganbare Goemon 2
General McGuiness
GBA: Worse audio, no multiplayer/co-op, more save slots, can change character any time. Japan only. Bundled with Ganbare Goemon 2.
Kirby Super Star Titled Kirby Super Star Ultra. Extra games, enhanced graphics.
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past GBA: Extra dungeon reliant on Four Swords game. More accurate translation, more shops, new enemies. Link voice clips from Ocarina of Time. Simplified difficulty (20 digs like PAL SNES version instead of 25 in digging minigame, Ice Dungeon layout)
Mega Man & Bass
JP: Rockman & Forte
Only official English release. Worse audio. Smaller screen resolution makes the game borderline unplayable.
Mega Man X ✓ (R)

DOS: Different aspect ratio, worse audio.
PSP: Titled Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. Full 3D remake, different Sigma stages. Serves as an alternate take on the original game.
iOS/Android: Touch controls, "redrawn" graphics (actually smeared versions of the SNES graphics), much slower gameplay, level movement restrictions, no stage changes after beating Mavericks in a certain order, optional microtransactions.

Mega Man X2
Mega Man X3

PS1, Saturn: Remixed soundtrack.
PC: Port of PS1 version. Cannot be directly installed on 64-bit OSes; you must extract the files manually. Files fail to save after reboot if this is done.
GC, PS2: Based on PS1 version.

Metal Max 2: Kai
GBA: Average port with a better font and worse music. You'll want to get the 1.1 revision because the initial one is so bugged and unplayable it had to be recalled.

DS: Full 3D remake with animated NPC sprites and much better graphics. Improved in every aspect and filled to the brim with new content. Based on the engine of Metal Max 3 for the Nintendo DS.

Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen Titled Ogre Battle: Limited Edition. Slightly enhanced graphics and sound.
Romancing SaGa Wonderswan: Enhanced graphics, new story scenario & side quest (Japan only)

PS2: Enhanced 3D graphics

Secret of Mana Android/iOS: Partially enhanced graphics, enhanced fonts & menus, touch controls
Super Mario World

The version in Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World has unique sprites for Luigi.
GBA: Titled Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2. Slight additions, worse audio, Mario voice clips. Different Luigi sprites from either SNES version.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island GBA: Titled Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3. New levels, worse audio.
Star Ocean ✓ (R) Titled Star Ocean: First Departure. Only official English release.
Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts

PS1: Slowdown removed.
GBA: New levels, worse audio.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

PS1: First English release. Slightly enhanced music.
PSP: Very enhanced, more features

Tales of Phantasia ✓ (R)

PS1: Cleaner graphics, different sprites, new effects, partial voice acting, food system, skits.
GBA: Based on PS1 version but scaled down, additional content, worse audio, decreased framerate.
PSP Full Voice Edition: port of PS1 edition including GBA additional content plus full voice acting, new sprites.
PSP Tales of Phantasia X Narikiri Dungeon: PSP version with even more additional content (Grade shop) and a remade spin-off.
iOS/Android: F2P port of ToP X. Sub-par translation. At least GBA one had better controls and interface than this. No longer available.