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|first = 1.63

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Current version: 1.63
Active: No
OS: Windows
Authors: Kawak Team
Official website: http://cps2shock.emu-france.info/
Source code: Unknown

Supports both Neo-Geo and Capcom (CPS1/2) games.




Kawaks uses Kaillera client.

How to
  1. Replace the kailleraclient.dll inside the "kaillera" folder in the emulator directory with the one called v0r7 it doesn't support Multiplayer clients AFAIK
  2. Place your game(s) ZIPPED inside the "roms" folder in the emulator directory (if it doesn't exist, create one)
  3. Go to File, click Load Game
  4. Check "only Available", then click both "Rescan All" and "Scan for new".
  5. Make sure the games you want to play locally/netplay appear on the list.
  6. Go to File, click Start Netplay

In order to set your controls, you need to go to do so while a game is running. Press 'T' to talk while in-game.