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Developer(s) woesss
Latest version 0.81+MC_0.98.8
Active Yes
Platform(s) Android
Emulates Java 2 Micro Edition
Support ($) PayPal


Programmed in Java
License Apache 2.0
Source code GitHub

JL-Mod is an experimental mod of J2ME Loader with support for games Developed for the 3D engine "Mascot Capsule V3".


Released in 2020, the emulator is currently capable of playing around lot of games, more than 97% of the J2ME Library. This is the experimental mod of the J2ME Loader app with Mascot Capsule 3D V3 support. Has some new and experimental features. Converts .jar files offline using its own resources. Easily launches both 2D & 3D apps. Samsung & Nokia API implemented. Supports different keyboard layouts and customization. It is highly accurate, with the right frame rate for each game, as well as vibration. Has slightly improved performance through hardware acceleration, but games won't run too fast. Runs almost every Nokia game, even ones that don't work with KEmulator or FreeJ2ME, as well as Sony Ericsson 3D engine V3 (Mascot Capsule).



In the mod, some settings are changed. The original "J2ME Loader" may not work correctly with games, templates and settings installed or configured by the mod. In order to not have to reinstall, reconfigure it is better to backup, copy and not specify the "J2ME-Loader" working directory at all.

List of Mod changes:

- Select a working directory.

- Store app database in a working directory.

- Indicators of the selected button colors in the settings.

- Templates are renamed to "Profiles".

- Assigning any profile as standard (when saving or in the profiles window).

- Adding, editing and set as standard in the window of the profiles list.

- 1 sec. limit for force close of the MiDlet.

- Confirmation dialogs when reinstalling existing ones.

- Choice of encoding is transferred to individual settings, a selection button from all supported by the system.

- Buttons shape setting has been moved to the individual, a variant with rounded corners has been added.

- Changed keyboard editing: fixed: drag and drop buttons; added: separate scaling on horizontally and vertically (can be made rectangular or oval).

- The "System Properties" field has been moved to the end of the settings, unlimit on the number of displayed lines, display of all parameters added by the emulator.

- Add support of external filters (shaders). Only shaders for PPSSPP (same format) are supported To use, you need to put them in the `shaders` folder in the working folder of the emulator, further in the game settings, select the graphics output mode: "HW acceleration (OpenGL ES)" and select the shader of interest A small collection of compatible shaders can be taken in this repository: PPSSPP_Shaders

Support for Mascot Capsule 3D V3 (alpha build):

the implementation is not complete, somewhere a curve, little tested

Main problems:

special effects are partially implemented - therefore, the color rendition may differ from the original.

Point sprites (usually used to display the simplest objects) are not fully implemented, if somewhere they are displayed differently than in the original - please inform. In some games (seen in "Medal of Honor") the 3D scene may not be displayed due to overlapping 2D background.

Try adding the following line to the System Parameters field: micro3d.v3.render.no-mix2D3D: true If it doesn't help, please report this game to Issue or another way.

Another one parameter turns on the texture filter (built into OpenGL), but this can generate distortion in the form of capturing extra texels at the edges of polygons: micro3d.v3.texture.filter: true without this parameter, the quality of textures is as close as possible to the original and looks more vintage.


Android Releases

Mascot Capsule 3D compatibility list

Name Publisher / Developer Version(s)
2006 FIFA World Cup Distinctive Developments Ltd. 1.1.0
3D Alien Attack Vaka 1.0.0
3D Autobahn Raser WC Living Mobile 1.2.0
3D Battle Chess Indiagames Ltd. / Studio Tridev. 1.1.1
3D Bomberman Living Mobile 1.1.0
3D Brick Breaker Indiagames Ltd. 1.5.8
3D Football Jr. Vaka 1.0.2
3D Kamasutra Indiagames Ltd. 1.2.5
3D Mahjongg Indiagames Ltd. 1.1.9
3D Mystic Ways Qplaze 1.1.0
3D Pool Distinctive Developments Ltd. 1.2.6
3D Pool HR Distinctive Developments Ltd. 2.2.2
3D Pool UH Distinctive Developments Ltd. 1.0.3
3D Santa Quest SPLC 1.0.16
3D Sexy Pool Indiagames Ltd. 1.3.3
3D Solid Weapon LemonQuest 1.0.0
3D Solid Weapon 2 LemonQuest 1.0.1
3D Super Ball Indiagames Ltd. / Studio 3Dev. 1.3.1
4 Wheel Xtreme 3D I-play / Xendex Entertainment 0.5.1
4x4 Extreme Rally 3D Gamelions 1.0.2
4x4 UltimatePower 3D Micazook 1.0.3
Aero Mission 3D Marvelous Liveware Inc. 1.0
Alpha Wing 2 Glu lq 1.0.3
Artefact Of Glory 3D Shamrock Games 1.2.5
Asphalt: Urban GT 3D Gameloft SA 1.1.8
Battle Chess 3D Indiagames Ltd. 1.1.2
Beach Mini Golf Sumea / Ninai Inc. 1.0.1
Black Shark 3D HeroCraft 1.1.0
Blades and Magic Fishlabs 1.0.9
Bruce Lee - Iron Fist 3D Studio 3Dev. 1.1.2, 1.5.7
Burning Tires Fishlabs 1.1.3, 1.3.7
Cloud Commander Fishlabs 2.4.1
Crash Car Mania Xendex 1.4.8
DAKAR Rally 2009 Electronic Arts 1.1.3
DAKAR Rally 2010 Electronic Arts 0.1.8
Darts Sony Ericsson 0.0.3
Deep: Submarine Odyssey Fishlabs 1.0.3
Deep Abyss Sony Ericsson 1.0, 1.2
Devil May Cry Capcom 1.0.1
Drag Race 3D Bender Mobile Solutions 1.0.0
Dragon & Dracula 3D Herocraft 1.0.0
Duke Nukem Mobile 3D MachineWorks Northwest 1.0.1
Egypt Mystery Remote Technologies 1.0
Empire Fighter 3D Shamrock Games 1.1.5
Extreme Air Snowboarding Digital Chocolate / Sumea 0.0.1
Fantastic Four Mforma Group, Inc. 1.3.3
Fitness Genki Mobile Co.,Ltd 1.0.1
FlatOut Racing 3D Xendex 0.3.6
Fly&Destroy 3D Niara Ltd. 1.0.0
FMX III Hardcore Xendex 0.8.1
Galaxy on Fire 3D Fishlabs 1.0.3, 1.1.2, 1.2.8
Galaxy on Fire 2 3D Fishlabs 1.0.3
Gladiator Fishlabs 1.0.1
Golf Club 3D elkware 1.0.8
Heli Strike 3D Fishlabs 1.1.1
Honey Cave 3D Sony Ericsson 1.3
Hungry Puppy Indiagames Ltd. 1.1.6, 1.2.2
I.Q. (Intelligent Qube)♪ Sony Computer Entertainment Incorporated 2.1.6
Juiced THQ Wireless 0.6.4
Juiced Eliminator Universomo Ltd. 1.0.17
Kick Shot Pool Nazara Technologies 1.0
LocoRoco Sony 0.85
LocoRoco Hi Sony Computer Television / Gamelion Studios 1.0.4
Magic Ball 2 Mobile New Edge 1.0.8
Marble Madness 3D Midway Games West Inc. 1.7
Mastermind Runestone Games Ltd. 1.0.0
MCPlayer DDDEN!SSS 3.0
Medal Of Honor Electronic Arts / IronMonkey Studios 7.0.39
Metal Gear Acid 2 3D Konami / Playsoft 1.0.0
Metal Gear Acid Mobile 3D Konami / Distinctive Developments Ltd. 1.0.0
Midtown Madness 3 Mobile In-Fusio 01.01.69
Mini Challenge 3D schadelohr 1.0.22
Mini Golf: Castles™ Digital Chocolate / Sumea 1.3.1
Mini Golf: Las Vegas Digital Chocolate / Sumea 1.0.4
Moto Racing Fever Digital Chocolate / Sumea 1.2.11
Motoraver Fishlabs 2.1
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Electronic Arts Inc. / Gamelion Studios 4.1.88
Need for Speed: ProStreet Electronic Arts Inc. / IronMonkey Studios 7.2.30, 7.4.44
Need for Speed: Shift Electronic Arts Inc. / IronMonkey Studios 7.2.45
Need for Speed: The Run Electronic Arts Inc. 4.9.53
Need for Speed: Undercover Electronic Arts Inc. / IronMonkey Studios 7.2.44
PAC-MAN Kart Rally 3D Namco Bandai Game Inc. 1.0.1
Penalty Cup FishLabs 1.6.2
Planet Riders Fishlabs 1.2.3, 1.4.7
Powerboat Challenge Fishlabs 1.0.2
Pub Pool 3 InfoSpace Inc. / IOMO Studio 1.2.5
R.U.S.H Street Boss Nomos / Qplaze 1.0
Race Driver Grid Glu Mobile 1.0.2
Rally Master Pro Fishlabs 1.0.1
Real Boxing 3D Gameballs Studio 1.0.1
Red Out Racer In-Fusio / Kiloo Aps 1.0.2
Resident Evil - The Missions CAPCOM 1.0.0
Ridge Racer Namco 1.0.3, 1.0.5
Robot Alliance Fishlabs 2.0
Rock Bobblehead Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB 1.0.6
RollerBot Bit-7 Software Technology Ltd. 1.1.0
S.T.A.L.K.E.R Mobile Qplaze 1.1.0
Scratch City Pool Mforma Group Inc. 0.3.6
Smart Bear 3D Gameballs Studio 1.2.1
Snowboard Hero Fishlabs 1.0.1
Speed Chaser 3D elkware 1.1.1
Speed Spirit THQ Wireless / Fishlabs 1.6.1
Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Gameloft SA 1.0.1, 1.0.5, 2.0.3
Star Wars Death Star Assault THQ Wireless 0.98.6
Super 3D Golf KEMCO / EXEC 1.0.0
Super Real Tennis SEGA WOW INC., 1.4.0
Tank Raid Fishlabs 1.0
Tenchu: Ayame's tale 3D From Software Inc. 1.0.9
Tennis Genki Mobile Co.,Ltd 1.0.4
Tennis Multiplay SEGA 1.0.6
Tomb Raider: Underworld Eidos Interactive Ltd. / Distinctive Developments Ltd. 1.7.3
Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam IOMO / Fishlabs 1.0.2
Tower Bloxx Digital Chocolate, Inc. / Sumea 1.1.5
Towers of Maya Qplaze 1.1.0
Treasure Towers Sony Ericsson 1.4.4
UniFM SilentKnight, VMX, DiHLoS 1.4
V-Rally 3D iFone / Fishlabs 1.2.5
Vijay Singh 3D Pro Golf 2005 Gameloft SA 0.0.4
Virtua Tennis Mobile Edition SEGA Corp. 0.3.1
World Clock 3D Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB 2.4.5
Worms Forts 3D Morpheme Wireless Ltd 36.0
Worms Forts 3D THQ Wireless 1.0.30
Большое приключение 3D Shamrock Games 1.1.1

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