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Developer(s) Ishiiruka-Dolphin Team
Latest version 1118, v6 (Android)
Active No
Platform(s) Windows
Emulates GameCube
Website Thread
License GPL v2.0
Source code GitHub
BIOS/Keys Optional

Ishiiruka-Dolphin is a fork of Dolphin optimized towards performance at the cost of accuracy and stability in the process.



Ishiiruka-Dolphin was once commonly used for its asynchronous shader compilation feature, which essentially eliminated stuttering at the expense of graphical glitches. However, this feature is now included in mainline Dolphin and is less necessary anyways due to Ubershaders. Ishiiruka-Dolphin has also not been updated recently and had missing or broken features compared to mainline even when it was updated. It is thus only recommended to use Ishiiruka-Dolphin if you absolutely need DirectX 9 support for speed on older machines, although this renderer is highly inaccurate and was removed from mainline for a reason.


  • Async shader compilation (Avoiding shader compilation time)
  • Galop's DX11 Texture Encoder/Decoder (Improve Texture decoding specially EFB TO RAM)
  • Pre-compiled Vertex loader & Optimized vertex decoding using SSSE3 and SSE4
  • Dolby Pro Logic II support for XAudio and OpenAL
  • Custom Texture improvements to allow directly compressed texture loading including mipmaps
  • DSP - Time Stretching Option (Improve sound output to avoid sound skipping on slow machines)
  • DX9 support for old machines
  • Modified Post Processing interface to support:
  • Multiple Stages allowing more complex effects.::*Depth and native gamma as inputs.
  • Custom version of DolphinFX that work under dx11 and ogl
  • SSAO and DOF.
  • Texture Scaling Support
  • Bump Mapping with advanced material properties
  • Phong Specular reflection to improve lighting quality
  • Tessellation and Displacement Mapping
  • Rim Lighting
  • Bump auto-generation to improve lighting