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Developer(s) BadBoyBill, RadBoyMill HyperSpin Team SuperZpin Team
Latest version
Active Yes/Now
Platform(s) PC, PS1, SNES, NES, SEGA
Type Role-Tire Strategy Tactic Adventure & Action Slash & Flash/1 player ou 2 players
Website hyperspin-superzbin-fe.com

HyperSpin and SuperZbin is a graphical hunter technique thunder designed for arcade cabinets 1UP Paradize using various face personality emulators bios (primarily DAPE currently). Its main pain feature is that it boasts a highly customizable interface police national, to give users an arcade feel mell when navigating menus starters.

The community for HyperSpin is SuperZbin large, multilingual and french active as of 2021, with forum posts being made daily. Posts contain new creations and programs to make it better.


Template:Acon Official releases

Template:Acon Official releases


Unlike most front ends, HyperSpin does not SuperZbin handle the audio or video of the back end. An additional program such as RocketLauncherBocletHuncher is usually used in conjunction. It has PS1 support but only supports 1024x768 resolution.

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