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Genesis Plus GX
Developer(s) Eke-Eke
Charles MacDonald
Latest version 1.7.5 RC1 (GC & Wii)
1.7.4 (libretro)
Active Yes
Platform(s) Wii
Emulates SG-1000
Master System/Game Gear
Genesis/Mega Drive
Sega/Mega CD
Compatibility 100%
Accuracy Highly-Accurate
Website BitBucket
Support ($) Paypal
Programmed in C, C++
License Non-commercial source-available
Source code GitHub

Genesis Plus GX is a source-available Sega SG-1000, Master System/Game Gear, Genesis/Mega Drive and Sega/Mega CD emulator developed by eke-eke. It's developed for the GameCube and Wii (as homebrew) and is only available on other platforms using the libretro core. However, there exists an unofficial Windows SDL (32-bit) port of the emulator that can be downloaded from here, but there are some differences though:

  • The UI is basically based on the original Genesis Plus, but it contains some backported additions and features based on v1.6.0 of Genesis Plus GX.
  • It seems that it is unstable, that's why you will notice some bug-ridden events (like the emulator breaking when closing it, emulation inaccuracies with the Sega SG-1000 and Sega Master System, etc.).
  • Apparently, the author of this rare port goes by the name of Clownacy, and he maintains the code in here for "the purpose to show how to use the Genesis Plus GX core & interface in SDL in particular."


    Latest builds
    v1.7.5-RC1 latest release
Genesis Plus GX Fork
PS3 Port (Inactive)


RetroArch Builds


It is claimed that Genesis Plus GX achieves 100% compatibility with all commercial games released on platforms it supports, all while being made primarily to run on Wii/Gamecube. It is recommended to use this version instead of the original Genesis Plus where possible.

Additional details on compatibility are [1].

Genesis Plus

Genesis Plus
Developer(s) Charles MacDonald
Last version 1.2a
Active No
Platform(s) Windows
Emulates Genesis/Mega Drive
Website Archive link
Source code Zip (Dead link)

Genesis Plus is a source-available Genesis/Mega Drive emulator for Windows, macOS and DOS developed by Charles MacDonald, and was the base for Genesis Plus GX's development.