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GPANG logo.png
Developer KTF (Korea Telecom Freetel)
Type Mobile Gaming Service
Generation 6th generation
Release date 2004 (Announcement)
2005 (Full release)
Discontinued 1 June 2009

GPANG (지팡) (also referred as "Zipang") was a 3D mobile game service introduced in 2004 and released in 4th April 2005 by KTF (Korea Telecom Freetel). This service allowed subscribers to access a downloadable game portal and play advanced 3D mobile games, including MMOs. KTF's GPANG competed with SK Telecom's own 3D mobile game service called GXG. On 1 June 2009, GPANG service closed.



'GPANG' for the first time in Korea on April 4th, 2005 by Korean internet provider KTF. GPANG is a combination of 'G', the initial of Game, and 'PANG', a purely Korean 'onomatopoeic' word meaning 'popping'. It contains the meaning of bursting into life's vitality while enjoying the fun of fast and colorful games through a game-only phone.

Compatible devices

GPANG-only phone games have a separate mobile phone with a 3D acceleration chip and support higher graphics. And it can be downloaded from the wired site as well. GPANG's exclusive/non-exclusive phones:

  • LG KV3600 (2005)
  • Samsung Electronics SPH-G1000 (2005) by AnyCall
  • Samsung Electronics SPH-B3200 (2006)

Optimizes games for exclusive phones with built-in horizontal LCD, 3D engine, and graphic acceleration chip.

GPANG exclusive phone SPH-G1000 (Samsung Electronics) is equipped with a 2.2-inch QVGA level horizontal LCD screen and UI (User Interface). In addition, a 3D graphics driving engine, a graphics acceleration chip, and dual speakers are built in to support vivid and colorful screens and sounds. You can access the GPANG wireless Internet directly by using the shortcut button (Hot Key), and there are 5 game-specific buttons apart from the 8-direction key that further enhances game operability.

Games download method

Games download through PC sync and a download method using wireless Internet. As for the method through PC sync, GPANG can be easily downloaded from PC to phone using GPANG Game Phone Manager and saved to other storage media. There is a wireless download method, but it is not recommended because a separate data call fee is charged.

List of GPANG games

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