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{{Infobox software
|logo          = GGPO.png
|image = GGPO.png
|logowidth    = 120
|imagewidth = 138px
|version      = 0.32
|first = 0.30
|active        = No
|third = Windows
|platform      = [[Emulators on Windows|Windows]]
|fourth = Tony Cannon
|type          = Middleware
|fifth = http://ggpo.net/}}'''GGPO''' (Good Game Peace Out) is a proprietary middleware designed to allow for lag reduction in online multiplayer. It was originally designed for use in arcade emulators, and it still currently its primary use. Specifically, it uses [[Final Burn Alpha]]. The official site of GGPO is gone and the author instead recommends [https://www.fightcade.com FightCade].
|developer    = Tony Cannon
|website      = [http://ggpo.org ggpo.net]
|source        = [https://github.com/pond3r/ggpo GitHub]
|license      = MIT License
'''GGPO''' (an acronym for '''<u>G</u>ood <u>G</u>ame <u>P</u>eace <u>O</u>ut''') is an open source middleware developed by Tony Cannon in 2006. It's designed to hide the appearance of lag in online multiplayer, and does so using a technique called rollback networking. It was first implemented as a web service using [[FinalBurn Alpha]] but, because it distributed ROMs to players, it didn't last very long. Cannon used this site for two purposes; to adjust the code according to feedback from players, and to market GGPO to game developers. Eventually, it was incorporated into games like Skullgirls and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition. While the GGPO service doesn't exist anymore, alternatives exist; Cannon recommends using [[FightCade]] specifically.
It has also been licensed by video game developers for use in their games, such as Skullgirls and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition.
GGPO is available under the MIT license and is available on [https://github.com/pond3r/ggpo GitHub].
==External links==
* [http://ki.infil.net/w02-netcode.html Article explaining netcode in the context of fighting games]

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