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Developer(s) Hideki Naito
Latest version 1.2.6b4 (non-registered users)
1.3.1 (registered users)
Active No
Platform(s) MacOS
Emulates Game Boy/Game Boy Color
Website English

GBMac is a shareware, proprietary Game Boy/Game Boy Color emulator for early Macintosh computers. It is available in both 68k and pre-Mac OS X PowerPC versions.


macOS Emulator + sample ROMs


The first version was made in June 1994, with limited distribution beginning in January 1995.


Pokemon Crystal and GB Wars 3 are explicitly stated to be supported. However, more games are compatible. Additionally, there is support for the PCM channel, allowing for Chessmaster and Pokemon Pikachu to play back digitized audio samples.

Notable features[edit]

  • Available for 68K Macintosh computers
  • Mimics the Super Game Boy color channels feature

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