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|title = GBARunner2
|title = GBARunner2
|logowidth = 150
|logowidth = 150
|version = {{GBARunner2Ver}}
|active = Yes
|platform = [[Nintendo DS emulators|Nintendo DS]], [[Nintendo DSi emulators|Nintendo DSi]], [[Nintendo 3DS emulators|Nintendo 3DS]]
|type          = Launcher
|developer = [https://github.com/Gericom Gericom]
|support        = [https://github.com/Gericom/GBARunner2#donation Paypal]
|prog-lang = C++,C
|license = GNU GPLv2
|source = [https://github.com/Gericom/GBARunner2 GitHub]
GBARunner2 is a hypervisor that runs GBA games on DS/DSi/3DS in DS mode, basically like Nintendont does for running Gamecube games on Wii.
* Place a GBA bios on your sd card. Either /bios.bin, /gba/bios.bin, or /_gba/bios.bin will work.
** '''Note:''' Do not use Normmatt's open-source GBA BIOS. It won't work, as many patches are applied at fixed addresses. The right checksums are listed below.
* If you have a gba folder on the root of your sd, this folder will be opened by default
* Do '''NOT''' use SRAM patches unless stated on the wiki. They cause problems with the internal patching of GBARunner2 and may actually break saving.)
* If you are using GBARunner2 with [[TWiLight Menu++]] on a DSi or 3DS with the SD card, make sure you use the dldi on ARM7 build
* GBARunner2 supports custom border frames if put in sd\_gba\frames. An example of one and some pointers on how to make one yourself can be found in [https://gbatemp.net/threads/gbarunner2.451970/page-134#post-8988124 this post.]
* If you want to use existing save files, they should have the same name as the gba file but instead of .gba they should be .sav (so the save for mygame.gba is mygame.sav).
GBARunner2 does not need any frontends, but it is recommended to use [[TWiLight Menu++]]

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{{Infobox software |title = GBARunner2 |logowidth = 150 |ver