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ExEn logo.png
Developer In-Fusio
Type Cellphone & Mobile
Mobile Gaming Engine
Generation 5th generation
Release date 4th September 2000 (ExEn)
April 2002 (ExEn v2)
Q4 2003 (EGE)
Discontinued 2005
Successor ExEn v2
Dumped in-fusio.com
Emulated ~

Execution Engine (also known as ExEn) was a mobile gaming engine, developed by french company In-Fusio in 4th September 2000. which competed during the early 2000s with Sun Microsystems's mobile Java platform, J2ME. It was the very first Java-based game engine entirely dedicated to mobile devices. ExEn engine wasn't available on Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung or Motorola handsets. The company re-developed the ExEn v2 engine released in April 2002, which further improved the speed and expressiveness of mobile. Through its embedded technologies for non-Java phones (the ExEn game engine) and Java (the EGE game engine which is marketed in 2005), In-Fusio offers players intuitive access to games, games at the cutting edge of novelty (3D, real-time multiplayer) and innovative interactions ('demo' mode before purchase, 'recommend to a friend', contests, game ratings, etc.). The ExEn technology which is fully J2ME MIDP 2.0 game API compliant, has been designed for games containing animated graphics, sound, 3D and color.



ExEn®, a downloading game engine dedicated to play, ultra powerful and light games for your devices. Fifteen full-time engineers worked for two years to develop ExEn, which was launched in France and Germany during summer 2001. At the same time, DoCoMo in Japan and SK in Korea also launched successfully a similar technology. ExEn games are downloaded from the GameZilla platform and are executed on ExEn enabled handsets.

ExEn is a specific 3D Game API. It embedded a very compact Java VM from Shlumberger plus a thin native API to provide maximum performances. This was before J2ME even existed. In-Fusio launched its MIDP 2.0 compliant “ExEn Java Extensions” in end of 2003. Most of the development platforms that we mention here are free unlike the restricted SDKs of console games. ExEn v2 is currently in the works. It will hook up with J2ME's MIDP 2.0 platform and offer further enhancements to games. In-Fusio tried to overcome those limitations working together with Sun by presenting the proposal of a GameAPI for MIDP 2.0.

The In-Fusio SDK is available both as a command line version, as well as GUI.

The In-Fusio SDK is a Java based GUI game development environment on ExEn. They have two kinds of engines on the client side mobile phone, basic and advanced.

ExEn basic (v2.1): 256-color or black and white, 2D, client side game engine, with a memory footprint of 140k on the mobile device. Released in early-2003.

ExEn advanced (v2.2): 65k color, polyphonic sound, 3D, in-game Macromedia Flash, client side engine, with a memory footprint of 240k.

The API is based on Java and is very similar to J2ME specification, but is optimized for game development and deployment instead. Even the programming style is almost the same. The ExEn API has various gaming specific classes that are absent from J2ME.

Some of the game related classes are: Gamelet, Playfield, Raycast, FX, Vector 3D, Texture Map etc. A developer can develop the game using this API and distribute it through In-Fusio directly. But this service is only available to premium members. Since In-Fusio has tie ups with a lot of mobile operators, it acts as a distributor for these games through Gamezilla, its game distribution platform. That enables games downloads on mobile phones by the users themselves.

Raycast Plugin: Mission 3D and Mutant Island 3D

ExEn was the first mass market downloadable game engine (The technology allows users to download games, new levels or characters over the air to play on their cellular phone. The games are then run locally without the need for a continuous connection).

ExEn is a compact game for mobile devices JAVA virtual machine. Once integrated with the terminal, It can download games and play native games. So as long as the built-in ExEn Cellphone with chip, You can start from ExEn The content supplier passes GSM or GPRS Network technology, Download to your mobile phone to play.

Technical requirements: small and light, (less than 100kb of ROM and 32kb of the RAM in its initial version) the software's main function is to download and run games on mobile phones.

By In-Fusio. Aims to be less limited than J2ME. Available under "premium" or "free" SDK licenses.
- Color
- 3D matrix calculations
- 3D rendering primitives (wireframe, flat or textured triangles)
- Sprite zooming
- Sprite flipping / mirroring
- Scrolling parallax (several playfields at the same time)
- Fully transparent or masked cells in playfields
- Raycasting
- Screen rotation (rotozoom) & various FXs

EGE (ExEn Gaming Extensions / Entertainment and Gaming Extensions)[edit]

In 2003, with the emergence of the first smartphones, creating a realtime 3D engine API and native code to embbed into the EGE, the successor of ExEn.

ExEn Gaming Extensions (EGE) was new gaming engine, created to run on all MIDP 2.0 handsets. It is designed for the end-user: improvement of the game play, user-friendly interface and innovative service offering. Enable game developers to focus on game play, rather than API integration (EGE works on Java MIDP 2.0 handsets and integrates multiplayer and 3D capabilities).

- Real-time multiplayer functionality (not available on initial handsets)
- Enhanced/Improved 3D game play (not available on initial handsets)
- 'Recommend the game' function...to a friend, relative...
- Try and buy
- Simplified user interface for easy game play: direct access through a dedicated key (different according to handsets - fast and simple access in particular), dedicated game menu, etc.

ExEn vs J2ME[edit]

ExEn and J2ME are not very different and ExEn paves the way to a Java language based standard.

- The main difference is that ExEn has been optimised for advanced game features.

- Every non-ExEn phone manufacturer has its own specific Gaming API (even on top of MIDP 1.0, the mobile phone profile of J2ME) which induces developers to produce specific code and intensive tests for every manufacturer J2ME implementation.

- The future MIDP 2.0 standard defines a minimum set of game functions to be available in future phones. Even with MIDP 2.0, advanced and rich games are require new Game APIs that ExEn can provide.

- Consistent with its strategy of moving towards J2ME standards, standard classes of ExEn V2 are set in conformity with MIDP/CLDC, which addresses issues such as user interface, persistence storage, networking, and application model.

- The ExEn roadmap - feature new advanced game capabilities and MIDP 2.0 Game API compatibility.


Name Platform(s) Version Accuracy FLOSS Active Recommended
EXEN-V2 Generic Simulator  


1.0 Low ~
ExEn SDK   Standard Edition 2.2 Build 002 Mid ?
EXEN-V2 Generic Simulator
Official emulator taken from SDK, developed by In-Fusio. It is very old emulator, while many games are go in-game, they are crash at various points and runs at a very low frame rate. Written in Java.
Runs on JDK 1.4
  1. Possible to run ExEn V2 Generic Simulator on macOS and Linux through Wine (through ExaGear for Android)
Trium and other firmwares.


Title Note(s)
ExEn games A collection of half of all games (included demos)


• Color

• Black & White

List of ExEn supported phones[edit]

For devices that supports ExEn V2 (ExEn embedded phone, press key 9 for 5 seconds. If an In-Fusio logo appears, It is ExEn mobile).

Model[1] Manufacturer Resolution Pre-installed games J2ME support Downloadable Screen Generation Description
SL01 Sagem ? ? ?
MyX3-2 Sagem ? ? B&W 2.0
MyX-4 Sagem 128x160 MIDP 2.0 C 2.0
MyX-5 Sagem 128x160 ? C 2.0
MyX-6 Sagem 128x160 ? C 2.1
MyG5 Sagem ? C 2.0
MW3020 Sagem ? B&W 1.0 / 2.0
My3022 Sagem ? ? ?
My3026 Sagem ? ? ?
My3036 Sagem ? ? ?
Xenium Color Philips ? ? ?
Xenium 9@9 Philips ? B&W 1.0
Fisio 311 Philips 87x65 Wall Breaker ? B&W 1.0
Fisio 330 Philips ? B&W 2.0
Fisio 350 Philips ? ? ?
355 Philips ? ? ?
Fisio 530 Philips ? ? 2.0
Fisio 535 Philips ? ? ?
Fisio 620 Philips ? B&W 1.0
Fisio 625 Philips ? ? ?
630 Philips ? ? ?
636 Philips ? ? ?
Fisio 639 Philips ? ? ?
655 Philips ? ? ?
755 Philips ? ? ?
759 Philips ? ? ?
760 Philips ? ? ?
Fisio 820 Philips ? ? 2.0
Fisio 822 Philips ? ? ?
Fisio 825 Philips ? C 2.0
Fisio 855 Philips ? ? ?
Fisio 859 Philips ? ? ?
Fisio 882 Philips ? ? ?
Azalys 288 Philips ? B&W 1.0
One Touch 256 Alcatel ? ? ?
One Touch 332 Alcatel ? ? ?
One Touch 526 Alcatel ? B&W 2.0
One Touch 531 Alcatel ? C 2.0
One Touch 535 Alcatel Wall Breaker ? C 2.1
One Touch 735 (735i) Alcatel ? C 2.1
BH4 Alcatel ? ? ?
TSM3/4 Vitelcom ? B&W 2.0
TSM5 Vitelcom ? C 2.0
G60 (EB-G60) Panasonic ? C 2.0
GD67 Panasonic ? C 2.0 Panasonic's first ExEn-enabled color handset
GD87 (GD87e) Panasonic 132x176 ? C 2.0
X70 (EB-X70) Panasonic 132x176 Space War, Roller Kid, Panko, Crazy-Cobra MIDP 1.0 C 2.0
X86 Panasonic ? ? ?
X88 Panasonic ? ? ?
GU87 Panasonic 132x176 ? ? ?
Lotus Centel ? ? ?
Rocket Centel ? ? ?
M7 Mitsubishi ? ? ?
M7.2 Mitsubishi ? ? ?
M7.5 Mitsubishi ? ? ?
M341 Mitsubishi ? C 2.1
Trium M320 Mitsubishi ? C 2.0
Trium M6B Mitsubishi ? ? ?
Trium Eclipse Mitsubishi ? C 2.0
Trium Mars Mitsubishi ? B&W 1.0
Trium Neptune Mitsubishi ? B&W 1.0
Trium 110-cupid Mitsubishi ? B&W 2.0
SC-03 Ningbo Bird ? C 2.0
SC-04 Ningbo Bird ? C 2.0
D1 Soyea ? C 2.0
Q88 M341 CECT ? C 2.0
K336 Kejian ? C 2.0
SL42[2] Siemens MIDP 1.0 B&W 1.0
M50 Siemens MIDP 1.0 B&W 1.0
  1. Colors and Black & White
  2. ExEn game engine is also working in Siemens mobile phones. The SL42 is the first Siemens cellphone to be equipped with the games machine. Initially, the Siemens SL42 mobile phone is to be equipped with the "D2 Load-A-Game" games platform from D2 Vodafone, which is based on ExEn.
    The Siemens SL42 features a special version of ExEn using JAR files instead of the custom .exn format

Panasonic: CTC (Panasonic Converted from ExEn .exe) The 5 EXN files converted to CTC are available here: EXEN files
The converter is available here: EXN2CTC
Juste drop an EXN file on it's icon and the CTC file will be created in the same directory as the EXN.
Terminator is not working for few games such as and the Wallbreaker game does not have the right size.

List of ExEn Games[edit]

There are 125+ known games, in which 120 have been released, 3 are unknown to have been released, 2 are unreleased.

Title Release date Developer Publisher Genre(s) Other platform(s) Screen Note(s) Ref. Downloadable
007: Ice Racer 1 November 2002 In-Fusio In-Fusio
(Licensed by Danjaq, LLC & United Artists Corporation)
Color [1][2]
3D Mate and Wata Raider Puzzle Color
Abalone Infra Worlds In-Fusio Card game
Age of Empires II Mobile (Gold Edition) 1 June 2005 In-Fusio In-Fusio
(Licensed by Microsoft Game Studios)
Strategy i-mode/J2ME/BREW/WM/Symbian/EGE Color [3][4]
Alfred Hitchcook Psycho 2002 Kaolink SAS Kaolink SAS Action B&W [5]
Arthur & Les: Pirates
Asterix: Rescue Obelix 11 August 2005 Mig Entertainment In-Fusio Platformer J2ME Color [6]
Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge Mission 14 June 2005 Rare, Ltd.
Cybiko Wireless
In-Fusio Action
i-mode/J2ME Color Downgrade GBA port [7]
Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge Mobile 1 July 2004 Rare, Ltd.
Cybiko Wireless
In-Fusio Action
J2ME/i-mode Color Downgrade GBA port [8][9][10]
Banjo Pilot
Block Maniac In-Fusio In-Fusio Puzzle [11]
Boomerang Joe 2004 Devalley Entertainment In-Fusio Platformer Color [12]
Bomb Jack™ 1 December 2003 In-Fusio
Elite Systems, Ltd.
In-Fusio (Tecmo Ltd.) Action J2ME/Mophun/WGE Color [13][14]
Bomb Squad 1 April 2006 In-Fusio In-Fusio Puzzle i-mode Color [15]
Casino Nights 18 September 2004 In-Fusio In-Fusio Billiards
Color [16]
Celebrity Chic 1 October 2003 In-Fusio In-Fusio Simulation
Color DLC available! (Episode #) [17][18]
Charmed™ 1 April 2003 DC Studios, Inc. In-Fusio Action
J2ME Color [19][20]
Chicago Guns 1 September 2001 In-Fusio In-Fusio Action
Christmas Tales 1 December 2006 [EU] In-Fusio In-Fusio
(Graphics by Devalley Entertainment)
Color [23]
Crash Bandicoot™ 25 April 2005 Kaolink SAS In-Fusio Action
J2ME Color [24][25]
Crazy Cobra Otaboo In-Fusio Action
Remake of the classic Snake games.
Crazy Cobra 2 1 September 2004 Otaboo In-Fusio Action
Color Remake of the classic Snake games. [26][27]
Crazy Pet II 1 July 2001 In-Fusio In-Fusio Action Color
Dakar 2005 2005 Kaolink SAS In-Fusio Racing J2ME Color [30]
Deca Challenge Multiplayer B&W [31][32]
Dice Extreme In-Fusio In-Fusio Sports i-mode [33]
DJ Bubble 18 September 2004 Cybiko Wireless In-Fusio Puzzle [34]
Die Hard In-Fusio Action
Dragon Tale 2002 Spark Creative S.A.R.L. In-Fusio RPG Mophun/WGE Color [36]
Dream Quest In-Fusio In-Fusio RPG B&W [37][38]
E.T. Adventure In-Fusio In-Fusio Adventure Color
Eagle Squadron 1 September 2004 In-Fusio In-Fusio
(Graphics by Devalley Entertainment)
Color [40][41]
ELF Bowling 13 December 2003 [NA] Cybiko Wireless In-Fusio Sports Ported from PC [42]
Elmer Puzzle B&W [43]
Etch A Sketch In-Fusio Puzzle J2ME [44]
Ferrari Racing In-Fusio In-Fusio Racing Color
Fighter Pilot Evolved 1 May 2006 In-Fusio In-Fusio Action
Color [46]
Flynn's Adventures (Nightmare Busters) 1 April 2004 In-Fusio
Cybiko Wireless
In-Fusio Action
BREW/J2ME/i-mode Color [47][48]
Fruit Factory 1 February 2004 Infraworlds In-Fusio Puzzle J2ME Color [49][50]
Fruit Factory 2 Infraworlds In-Fusio Puzzle J2ME?— Color [51]
Football Challenge IOMO In-Fusio Sports B&W
Football Fan 1 July 2005 In-Fusio In-Fusio Sports i-mode/BREW/J2ME Color [52]
Ghost Hunter 1 July 2004 In-Fusio In-Fusio
(Graphics by Devalley Entertainment)
i-mode Color [53][54]
Golden Tee Golf Tournament 8 August 2003 Cybiko Wireless In-Fusio Sports [55]
Halo™: Mobile Portal In-Fusio BREW
Horoscope B&W [56][57]
I, Robot 2004 Platformer [58]
InFusio Darts In-Fusio In-Fusio Racing Color [59]
IF Extreme Ski 10 January 2006 Devalley Entertainment In-Fusio Sports Color [60]
IF Ski Jumping 1 December 2005 Devalley Entertainment In-Fusio Sports Color [61]
IF Ping Pong 1 September 2006 In-Fusio In-Fusio Sports Color [62]
IF Racing 1 March 2002 In-Fusio In-Fusio Racing J2ME Color [63]
IF Racing 2 18 September 2004 In-Fusio In-Fusio Racing Color [64]
IF Racing 3 In-Fusio In-Fusio Racing Color
IF Reversi 1 October 2006 NessProd In-Fusio
(Graphics by Devalley Entertainment)
Color [65]
InFusio Sudoku Puzzle Color GBA port
It's Mr Pants™: Mobile Edition 1 March 2005 In-Fusio
Rare, Ltd.
In-Fusio Puzzle J2ME Color Downgrade GBA port [66]
Jungle Run 1 November 2004 In-Fusio In-Fusio
(Graphics by Devalley Entertainment)
Action i-mode?—? Color [67][68]
Jurassic Park lll™ 2002 In-Fusio In-Fusio Adventure Color
K.O Boxing Fight B&W [70]
Kung Fu Legend 18 September 2004 In-Fusio In-Fusio Fight Color
Le Tour De France 1 August 2005 Living Mobile GmbH
(Ported by NessPod)
In-Fusio Sports J2ME Color [72][73]
M-Tennis Sports B&W [74]
Malibu Ride 2004 Otaboo In-Fusio Sports Color [75]
Malibu Ride 2 1 August 2006 Otaboo In-Fusio Sports Color [76]
Méli Mélo Puzzle [77]
Memomix Puzzle B&W [78]
Midtown Madness 3 Mobile 1 October 2004 In-Fusio
(Licensed by Microsoft Game Studios)
Racing i-mode/BREW/Symbian/WM/J2ME
(2D + 3D version using M3G and Mascot Capsule 3D technology)
Color [79][80]
Mission 3D 2004 In-Fusio In-Fusio Shooter Color The first 3D game ever for ExEn. [81]
Monkey Business 1 November 2006 Devalley Entertainment In-Fusio Arcade
Color [82]
MotoGP 1 October 2005 Cybiko Wireless
(Ported by NessPod)
THQ Wireless Inc. Racing J2ME Color [83]
Mutant Alert 3D 1 May 2003 In-Fusio In-Fusio Action
Color [84]
Neopets Mobile In-Fusio In-Fusio RPG J2ME
Panko 1 November 2001 In-Fusio In-Fusio Puzzle Color
Similar to Sokoban [85]/[86]
Perry Rhodan: Sekmar I in Danger [87]
Pile Up B&W [88][89]
Pikubi 1 July 2004 Devalley Entertainment In-Fusio Action
i-mode Color [90]
Pikubi 2: Rainbow Attack! (GoGo 2: Rainbow Attack!) 1 March 2006 Devalley Entertainment In-Fusio Action
Color [91]
Pocket Chess 200x Pocketsoft In-Fusio Puzzle
ExEn 2.2
Pocket Formula 2003 Pocketsoft In-Fusio Sports
i-mode/BREW/J2ME/Mophun/Symbian [93]
ExEn 2.2
Pocket Goal 2002 Pocketsoft In-Fusio Racing i-mode/BREW/J2ME/Mophun/Symbian [94]
Pocket Golf 2003 Pocketsoft In-Fusio Sports i-mode/BREW/J2ME/Mophun/Symbian [95]
ExEn 2.1
Pocket Rally 2004 Pocketsoft In-Fusio Sports i-mode/BREW/J2ME/Mophun/Symbian [96]
ExEn 2.2
Pocket Tennis 2002 Pocketsoft In-Fusio Sports i-mode/BREW/J2ME/Mophun [97]
Pocket Stadium 2003 Pocketsoft In-Fusio Sports i-mode/BREW/J2ME/Mophun [98]
ExEn 2.1
Push In-Fusio Puzzle
Rambo on Fire 1 May 2005 In-Fusio In-Fusio
i-mode/BREW/J2ME Color
Rollerblade Challenge 11 August 2004 In-Fusio In-Fusio Sports Color [99]
Roller Kid 2004 Kaolink In-Fusio Sports Color [100]
Sabre Wulf: Mobile 2004 In-Fusio
Kaolink SAS
In-Fusio Platformer J2ME GBA port [101]
Seven 004 Arcade [102]
Sexy Video Poker 1 July 2006 NessProd In-Fusio
(Graphics by Devalley Entertainment)
Strategy Color [103]
Sexy Breaker Bikini 1 October 2005 In-Fusio In-Fusio Action Color
Sexy Breaker Manga 1 October 2005 In-Fusio In-Fusio Arcade
Color [104]
Shado Fighter 1 July 2004 In-Fusio In-Fusio Action
i-mode/BREW/J2ME Color [105][106]
Skate Kid In-Fusio In-Fusio Sports
Smiley Tactics 26 March 2005 In-Fusio In-Fusio Puzzle [109]
Snow Kid Sports Color
Solitaire Gold In-Fusio Puzzle
Card game
i-mode Color [111]
South Park 1 September 2003 In-Fusio In-Fusio Action i-mode/J2ME Color [112][113]
Space Defender B&W [114]
Space War 2004 Ulysseo In-Fusio Action
Sphere Madness 1 February 2004 Asobo Studio S.A.R.L. In-Fusio Action
Color [115][116]
Sphere Madness 2 1 January 2006 Asobo Studio S.A.R.L. In-Fusio Action
Color [117]
Splat Boy 2004 In-Fusio In-Fusio Action, Arcade Color [118]
Spyro™ 27 May 2003 Infraworlds In-Fusio Action Color [119]
Star Academy In-Fusio
Star Wars™: Revenge of the Sith 11 May 2005 In-Fusio THQ Wireless Inc. Action
J2ME Color [120]
Super Dino Skate In-Fusio In-Fusio Sports B&W
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 2005 In-Fusio Strategy [121]
The Terminator™ 1 February 2003 In-Fusio
Cybiko Wireless
In-Fusio Action
BREW/J2ME Color [122][123]
The Terminator™: I'm Back 8 February 2005 In-Fusio
Cybiko Wireless
In-Fusio Action
i-mode/J2ME [124]
The Tinies Farter 1 July 2001 Kalisto Entertainment S.A. In-Fusio Action
B&W [125][126]
Tomb Raider: Elixir of Life 1 June 2005 IOMO
(Ported by BeTomorrow)
Eidos Interactive Ltd. Action
J2ME Color [127]
Tomb Raider: Quest for Cinnabar 1 February 2005 IOMO
(Ported by BeTomorrow)
Eidos Interactive Ltd.
(Distributed by In-Fusio)
J2ME Color [128]
Tomb Raider: The Osiris Codex 1 November 2004 IOMO
(Ported by BeTomorrow)
Eidos Interactive Ltd.
(Distributed by In-Fusio)
J2ME Color [129]
Tony Hawk’s Underground Sports
Wall Breaker 8 March 2004 In-Fusio In-Fusio Puzzle Color Pre-installed in Alcatel OT-535 / Philips Xenium 9@9+ [130]
Winter Sports 1 February 2002 In-Fusio In-Fusio Sports B&W [131][132]
Worms 1 September 2005 Kiloo ApS
(Ported by Asobo Studio S.A.R.L.)
THQ Wireless Inc. Strategy
J2ME Color [133]
X-Mas: Tales Color
Yu: A Warrior Tale 1 June 2005 The Mighty Troglodytes The Mighty Troglodytes Action
J2ME Color [134]
Zaps 2004 In-Fusio In-Fusio Platformer [135]
Zombie Nurse 2005 Devalley Entertainment In-Fusio Adventure Color [136]
Zoo Tycoon 2 Mobile 1 November 2004 In-Fusio
Cybiko Wireless
(Licensed by Microsoft Game Studios)
Strategy J2ME/BREW/i-mode Color [137][138][139]

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