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This page lists emulators on Windows. It ranges from the oldest to the newest versions of the OS.



Name Version Plugins Open-Source Libretro Core RIR Accuracy Active Recommended
DuckStation git High
Mednafen 1.28.0-UNSTABLE High
XEBRA v211031 High
Plugin dependent
ePSXe 2.0.5 Plugin dependent ~
PSXACT git High (WIP)
Rustation git High (WIP)
Avocado git Mid (WIP)
pSX 1.13 Mid
NO$PSX 2.0 Mid ~
hpsx64 v0370 (Alt) Mid (WIP)
MAME 0.239 Mid (WIP)
Connectix VGS 1.4.1 ?
Bleem! 1.6b Low-Mid
SSSPSX 0.0.34 Plugin dependent
Rustation NG git ? (WIP)
PCSX-Redux git ? (WIP)

PlayStation 2

Name Latest Version Libretro Core FLOSS Active Recommended
PCSX2 1.6.0 (stable)
~ (WIP)
Play! Builds ~
DobieStation git
hpsx64 v0370
orbum git

PlayStation 3

Name Latest Release Version Open-Source Active Recommended
RPCS3 0.0.20 Alpha[N 1]
Nucleus git
Short Waves 0.0.2
PS3F 0.1
  1. The developers are currently treating version increments as milestones, not as stables.

PlayStation 4

Name Latest Version Open-Source Active Recommended
Orbital git
GPCS4 git
PS4Delta git

PlayStation Vita

Name Latest Version FLOSS Active Recommended
Vita3K git ~

PlayStation Portable

Name Latest Version Libretro Core FLOSS Active Recommended
PPSSPP 1.12.3
cspspemu git ?
jspspemu git ?
PCSP 0.5.5 ?
Potemkin 1.00 alpha ?
PSPE 0.9b ?

Pocket Station

Name Latest Version Libretro Core Accuracy FLOSS Active Recommended
MAME 0.239 High
No$GBA 3.05 Mid
PK201 28/04/20 Mid
PKEmu 1.1 Private Beta ?
pockystation git (git) ?


Xbox Classic

Note: xboxdevwiki's own list of emulators
Name Latest Version Chihiro FLOSS Active Recommended
xemu 0.6.2 ~ (WIP)
Cxbx-Reloaded git ~ (WIP) ~
XQEMU git ~ (WIP)
StrikeBox git
Cxbx git
Dxbx 0.5
Xenoborg r19
Xeon 1.0
MAME 0.239 ~

Xbox 360

Name Latest Version OS FLOSS Active Recommended
Xenia git Win7+