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Raspberry Pi
Icon RPi.png
Developer Raspberry Pi Foundation
Type Single-board computer (ARM)
Earliest release February 2012 (Original Raspberry Pi)
Latest release October 2023 (Raspberry Pi 5)
This page is about software on the Raspberry pi platform that emulates other hardware

The Raspberry Pi is a series of single-board computers using the ARM architecture, developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.
Any operating system that supports the ARM architecture will probably work on the Raspberry Pi. Any of these Linux Distros that support ARM should support the Raspberry Pi.

Before diving in;
  • See each Wiki Category Consoles, Computers and Arcade for individual dedicated system pages to see more detailed comparisons and information about software emulators. Dedicated system pages provide more up-to-date listings and in-depth information on specific aspects like hardware features, peripheral support, and compatibility etc.
  • Some games have Game engine recreations and source ports that run on Raspberry Pi, which can be the better than emulators for their specific games.
  • This page lists emulators that support ARM/Raspberry Pi on Linux distros or using Bare Metal. For emulators on other operating systems that support Raspberry Pi see: RISC OS.

Multi-System emulators

Name Latest version libretro FLOSS Active Recommended Supported Systems
vdmgr Download ~ Colecovision, gmc-4, NES / Famicom, MCS BASIC-52, MSX,Neo Geo Pocket (color), SC-300 + SF-7000, SG-1000 + Sega Master System (Mark-III), TD4, Z80 TV Game
RetroArch Snap Libretro cores

Bare Metal emulators

Name Latest version FLOSS Active Recommended Supported Systems
ZXBaremulator Download Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K/128K/+2A
BMC64 git Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Vic20, Commodore Plus/4 and PET
Faux86 git 8086 and 80186
S107E-GB-Emulator git Nintendo Game Boy


GameBoy Advance

Name Latest version libretro FLOSS Active Recommended
gpSP Download ~

Camputers Lynx

Name Latest version libretro FLOSS Active Recommended
Jynx Download ~


Amiga Line

Name Latest version libretro FLOSS Active Recommended
Amiberry 6.3.2 Preview


Playstation 1

Name Latest version libretro FLOSS Active Recommended
PCSX-ReARMed 1.19.1


Dreamcast / NAOMI

Name Latest version NAOMI Atomiswave Windows CE libretro FLOSS Active Recommended
redream 1.5.0 (Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi)
1.2.07 (Android)
reicast CI Builds (Not Working)
r8.1 (Snap Store)

Source Ports

Name Latest Version libretro Active Recommended Supported game(s) Genre
OpenLara[N 1] git ~ Tomb Raider 1–4 Action-Adventure
Rigel Engine git Duke Nukem II Platform
Zelda3 git The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
smw git Super Mario World, Super Mario All-Stars[N 2]
CannonBall git OutRun Racing
RVGL 21.0930a-1 Re-Volt


Name Latest version libretro FLOSS Active Recommended
RetroArch 1.19.1


  1. OpenLara was inspired by OpenTomb
  2. In smw only the Super Mario All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels are able to be ran currently.

See Also

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