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Risc OS
Icon RiscOS.png
Developer RISC OS Open Ltd (current)
Type Computers
Earliest release 1987
Latest release 2009 (6.20)
2020 (5.28)
Software in this article is should work on the latest release of this operating system

RISC OS was an operating system for Acorn's home computers. now supports non Acorn ARM devices.

RISC OS history
Arthur - RISC OS 2.0

RISC OS was originally named "Arthur" and designed for the Acorn Archimedes, First publicly released as Arthur 1.20 in 1987[1], for the 2.0 release Arthur was renamed to RISC OS 2.0 in 1989[2], RISC OS 2.01 was released to support the later Acorn Archimedes which used ARM3 instead of the previously used ARM2.

RISC OS 3.0 - 3.71

RISC OS 3.0 was released with the earliest versions of the A5000 in 1991, RISC OS 3.1 was released and built into the A3010, A3020, A4000, A4 and later A5000 models. due to the buggy state of 3.0 RISC OS 3.1 also made replacement ROMs for A5000 and earlier Archimedes machines (this is the last RISC OS version suitable for those machines), there were three veriants released: RISC OS 3.10 (base version), RISC OS 3..1 (Which fixed some serial port issues) and RISC OS 3.19 (which was a German Translation).

RISC OS 3.50 was released with the first Risc PCs (1994), due to the vastly different hardware of the Risc PC (including a ARM6 processor) 3.50 was not made available for the older Acorn machines. RISC OS 3.60 was released in 1995, this version improved hard disk and networking support (TCP/IP, hardware support was imrpoved with support for the ARM7 proccessors (later Risc PCs and the A7000). RISC OS 3.70 released in 1996, the major change was support for the StrongARM proccesor (made available as a upgrade for the Risc PC), 3.71 was a small update released to support the A7000+ (ARM75000FE processor)

RISC OS 4.0 - Six
For details in the change of hands of RISC OS development see History of RISC OS, Demise of Acorn Computers on wikipedia

RISC OS 4.0 updated the file system[3], a plugin based system configuration utility[4], a new screensaver api [5], an enchanced window manager[6]

In April 2009 the final release of Select 5 was shipped that included: [7] 64K colour screen modes, More responsive desktop, Improvements to !Paint and !Draw.

The final release of RISC OS from RISCOS Ltd was Select 6i1, shipped in December 2009, it includes;[8] Configurable Filer toolbars, Improved Task Manager, Improved Draw with new editing features, Configurable File Types menu, New Firewall configuration interface, Improvements to Pinboard configuration, Improvements to Configure itself.

for information on the open source nature of RISC OS 5 see History of RISC OS, Shared Source Initiative.

RISC OS 5 is a seperate branch of RISC OS to RISCOS Ltd, this branch is by Castle Technology Ltd RISC OS 5 was written to support Castle's acorn-compatible Iyonix PC.

RISC OS 5 is also the only version of RISC OS that has support for Raspberry Pi, Pandora, and much more[9]




Super Nintendo Entertainment System/Super Famicom
Name Latest Version FLOSS Active Recommended
Snes9x 1.53-4 NC


Name Latest Version FLOSS Active Recommended
Mednafen 0.9.48-1 !
Name Latest Version FLOSS Active Recommended
MAME 0.145-2 !


Name Latest Version FLOSS Active Recommended
ArcEm 1.50.2
Turbo Grafx 16
Name Latest Version FLOSS Active Recommended
VPCE 0.21 ! !
ZX Spectrum
Name Latest Version FLOSS Active Recommended
Fuse 1.6.0+dfsg1-1 ! !
BBC Micro
Name Latest Version BBC Micro BBC Master FLOSS Active Recommended
BeebEM git B, B+, M128
BeebIt 0.65 0.72 B, B+, M128 ?
BeebItJ 1.03 B, B+, M128 ? ~
x86 CPUs
Name Latest version 8086*¹ 286 386*² 486*³ Pentium*⁴ Pentium II*⁵ Celeron*⁶ libretro FLOSS Active Recommended
DOSBox 0.74-3
DOSBox-X 0.83.3-1

Source ports[edit]

Name Version Accuracy FLOSS Active Recommended
ScummVM 2.8.1 Mid