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Patreon is a service that allows fans to contribute to creators' projects on a recurring basis (where they're known as patrons). A ton of emulator developers are already using it so if you wish to support any project with money, we've listed the accounts below. We also have a page on other ways to support emulation projects.


Name System Sponsorship links FLOSS Early access Other rewards
Yaba Sanshiro (Yaba) Saturn devmiyax
Patron-only posts and messages
BigPEmu Jaguar richwhitehouse Discord, credits/homages in author's all solo work
Delta Multi-system rileytestut iPad and SEGA Genesis support in Delta, 3rd party sources in AltStore, QOL improvements and bug fixes, Interaction with developers and community, active support from dedicated channels, providing feedback on upcoming features
Provenance Multi-system provenance
GitHub Sponsor
Open Collective
Author's Amazon wishlist
Discord, Bug fix requests, Feature requests, Cloud saves, Patron shout-out, Cloud ROMs, and ISOs, Phone call, Digital comissions, Dedicated feature development (2 hours of time).
86Box x86 CPUs 86box, PayPal Name in YouTube videos, and on website. Priority video requests.
AetherSX2 PlayStation 2 aethersx2
Cemu Wii U cemu Discord, exclusive news, name in emulator
Citra Nintendo 3DS citraemu Discord, exclusive news, technical support, development polls
Cxbx-Reloaded, ares Xbox, Sega Chihiro (Arcade, WIP), Nintendo 64 LukeUsher, Ko-fi
GitHub Sponsor, PayPal
Exclusive news, name in emulator
DobieStation PlayStation 2 dobiestation Discord
libretro Multi-system libretro ~ Discord
simple64 Nintendo 64 loganmc10 Exclusive news
melonDS Nintendo DS Arisotura (formerly Staplebutter)
Mesen Nintendo NES Mesen
mGBA Nintendo GBA, GB, GBC mgba Special icon, name in emulator
Mikage Nintendo 3DS mikage Exclusive news, technical support
NooDS Nintendo DS Hydr8gon Discord
Nova Sega Saturn, Sega Titan Video (Arcade) nova_emu Exclusive news, name in emulator
Planet Virtual Boy emulator Virtual Boy GuyPerfect
Play! PlayStation 2 jpd002
GitHub Sponsor
PCBox x86 CPUs qeegmfer Discord, technical support
OpenEmu Multi-system openemu
Cash App
Name in emulator
Orbital PlayStation 4 AlexAltea Discord, exclusive news
Project64 Nintendo 64 Project64 Remove prompts for support
Retro Virtual Machine ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC retrovirtualmachine Exclusive news, name in emulator
RPCS3 PlayStation 3 Nekotekina
Discord, exclusive news, technical support, development polls, name in emulator
Ryujinx Nintendo Switch ryujinx Discord
StrikeBox Xbox StrikerX3 Exclusive news
TeknoParrot Windows-based Arcade systems Teknogods Exclusive emulator features, Discord, exclusive news
Vita3K PlayStation Vita Vita3K Discord, name in readme, higher priority on reported issues
xemu Xbox mborgerson Name on videos
Xenia Xbox 360 xenia_project
GitHub Sponsor (gibbed)
GitHub Sponsor (JoelLinn)
GitHub Sponsor (Razzile)
Yabause Sega Saturn yabause Name in emulator, documentation, support


Name Description Sponsorship links Rewards
anodium Citra progress report and blog writer anodium
CAPS0ff Chip decapping, currently used for improving MAME's emulation. 4805718 Chance to influence what they work on, early blog posts.
EmuVR Game room simulation in VR. EmuVR Exclusive news.
GLideN64 One of the more popular N64 plugins. Gliden64 Early access, exclusive news.
InternalLoss (AKA 'Billy' UK) Insignia server (For Xbox games), open-source web tools, OS network services for retro game systems. billy549 (Ko-fi)
JayFoxRox XQEMU, Citra, Sega Lindbergh, pinball emulation, open-source PC game ports. jayfoxrox
Lioncache Core developer on Dolphin, Citra and yuzu. 9377665 Monthly cat photos.
Libbers (AKA 'Libby') Insignia server for Xbox games. Twitter. LibbyLoops
Lutris An open-source frontend for Linux. lutris Early access, remote support with a desktop sharing program, custom forum badge.
m4xw Works on improving various emulators, such as Mupen64Plus, Mupen64Plus-Next, RetroArch libnx port, Switch PPSSPP Port. Also makes Nintendo Switch homebrew. m4xwdev Discord, feature requests.
Martin Korth Developer of the No$ emulators. martin_korth
MooglyGuy/TheMogMiner Assist with expenses in acquiring obscure computers and electronic hardware for MAME's emulation. moogly Patreon posts
Playnite An open-source frontend for Windows. playnite Early access, access to polls prioritizing upcoming features, credits.
Silent (AKA 'CookiePLMonster') Occasional contributions to Xenia, RPCS3, Cxbx-Reloaded; unofficial patches/enhancements for PC games & some old console games; other mods for Grand Theft Auto games. CookiePLMonster Patreon posts, credits, access to private to-do list.
thrimbor Insignia server (For Xbox games), Xbox original tools, various fixes/mods to open-source projects and games/software. Twitter. StefanSchmidt
Wine-Staging Testing area and experimental features for Wine. winestaging
Zophar's Domain Emulation/game data archival website. zophar Ad-free, your own post, link to your emulation project.
Tuxality Developing Infuse (Zeebo and BREW emulator) and PowerVR SGL wrapper Tuxality


Name Description Sponsorship links Rewards
Hilltop Localizations of Japanese-only videogames (Especially PS1 & PS2) titles. hilltopworks Patron-only Discord room, patron role, exclusive posts, early access to content, BTS developer info, answers to romhacking questions, patch credits.
ROMhacking.net Rom hacking website. The biggest(?) database of rom hacks and translations. Romhackingnet Site themes, site development forum, ad-free, sticky article, new site feature or improvement of your choosing.


Name Description Sponsorship links Rewards
atrac17 Fixes to arcade FPGA cores for MiSTer and others, MAME contributor. atrac17 Private posts
José Manuel Barroso Galindo Maintains the old Update_All_MiSTer script and newer, improved MiSTer Downloader for MiSTer FPGA. theypsilon Early access, private posts, Patreon keys, Discord benefits, shout-outs, chance to influence what he works on.
Jose Tejada Arcade FPGA cores for MiSTer and others, MAME contributor. topapate Early access, private posts, name/face in projects, chance to influence what he works on.
MiSTer Open source FPGA project targeted to replicate retro computers, consoles and similar devices using modern USB input devices and output high quality video to HDMI. FPGAMiSTer
RetroRGB.com A website with corresponding YouTube, Podcast and social media accounts dedicated to highlighting the people and projects in the retro gaming scene (particularly FPGA scene too). retrorgb, Floatplane, Ko-fi, PayPal, Others Early access, private posts, Discord.
Robert Peip Development and enhancements to console FPGA cores for MiSTer and others. Best known for creating PSX core. Also made Atari Lynx, GBA & Wonderswan cores, and added improvements to other cores. Check his Twitter updates, too. FPGAzumSpass Early access, private posts.
Sergey Dvodnenko Console FPGA cores for MiSTer and others. Best known for creating Saturn core. Also did major work on Sega Genesis, Mega CD & TurboGrafx-16/CD. Check his Twitter, too. srg320

Game engine recreations

Name Games Description Sponsorship links Rewards
OpenMW TES 3: Morrowind List of several individual devs. Several devs
ReC98 Touhou 1 - 5 (PC-98) Updated page with many completion status bars needing certain amounts. GitHub Sponsors (Progress bars)

Video game preservation

Name Description Sponsorship links Rewards
classicrebirth.com (The Apple of Eden) Plug & play enhancements for classic Resident Evil and Dino Crisis games on modern Windows (i.e. Vista+). classicrebirth Private posts, full patches collection, early access, in-game credit.
HG101 Comprehensive web overviews/retrospectives, ebooks/books and podcasts of retro/modern video games. hg101 Private posts, private messages, Discord, ebooks/books (also autographic option), materials, votes/nominations.
Hit Save! A non-profit dedicated to video game preservation, their history, and related physical and digital materials. hitsave, Ghost, Others Private posts, messages, polls, Discord, early access content, credit, memorabilia.
Home of the Underdogs A non-profit site dedicated to the preservation and promotion of 5000+ underrated PC games (and a few non-PC games) of all ages, 1000+ documents. Includes game info, reviews, media, download/purchase links. Old versions with game/docs downloads ended in 2009. hotu Discord.
Unseen64 An historical archive with articles, screenshots and videos for cancelled, beta & unseen videogames. Full U64 backup on Archive.org. unseen64 Private posts, polls, credit in posts, ebook.
The Video Game Preservation Collective (VGPC) Video game preservation. Contributes to redump.org, No-Intro and Internet Archive. vgpc Name on website

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