Emulators on LeapsterGS

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Developer LeapFrog Enterprises
Type Handheld game console
Generation 7th generation
Release date 2012
Discontinued ?
Successor ?


  • Currently emulators are unavailable, but see based footage, forums and YouTube videos etc.
Name Version Active Console Recommended
DGen x.x Sega Genesis ~
FCEUX x.x ? NES ?
OhBoy (based on Gnuboy SDL) x.x GameBoy/GameBoy Color ~
Stella (based on Stella SDL) x.x Atari 2600 ~
GnGeo SDL x.x(SDL WIP NO SOUND) NeoGeo ~
AdvanceMAME (based on MAME 0.106 SDL) x.x Arcades ~
XMAME.X11 (based on MAME 0.106 X11) x.x Arcades ~
XMESS.X11 (based on MESS 0.106 X11) x.x Arcades ~

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