Egg NS

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Egg NS
Developer(s) NXTeam Studios
Latest version 4.1.7
Active Yes
Platform(s) Android
Architecture(s) ARM
Emulates Nintendo Switch
License Closed-source

Egg NS is a closed-source Nintendo Switch emulator for Android.
NOTE: It is not recommended you use this emulator due to similar DamonPS2 controversies.



Subtle form of marketing[edit]

Despite advertising itself as a "free" emulator, the truth is that in order to use the emulator, you need to use a specific controller (Gamesir X2 or X3) and supports touch controls but they can only be used by paying a monthly VIP membership. And it is known that NXTeam is working with the company who designs these controls.

Privacy Concerns[edit]

Egg NS asks you to register an account with a real email address before playing - this is already quite concerning since it's unknown where that data is actually going, NXTeam has not given out any information about the server handling the information. Don't use your main email address.

Code Theft[edit]

Like DamonPS2, it's been sufficiently demonstrated that Egg NS has stolen code from yuzu and Skyline. Egg NS shares several very specific problems in games with yuzu. And if you manage to start Egg NS without an account, the default account name will be 'yuzu'[1].

Device requirements[edit]

Unlike Skyline, Egg NS needs a monster of a phone to match the requirements, and even with them, 3D games are very slow.

Usage of unnecessary resources[edit]

Egg NS uses unnecessary resources and also is known to heat up your device quicker than Skyline. Also, this equals the emulator running games much slower than Skyline especially with Cuphead, and crashing.


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